TEFL 150

Content: 9
Engagement: 10
Support: 10
Platform: 8
Value: 9

At 35 years old I was ready to make the scary step of changing careers. All I had to begin this journey with was the vaguest idea that I wanted to teach English as a Foreign Language. After a lot of research and calculating I landed up with the TEFL 150 hour course with CIEE. I am so glad I took this step. Online studying can be confusing and it can be very hard to maintain the discipline and focus required to get through it. This course is so well set up, has clear daily goals and outlines, has a relatively easy-to-use platform and, best of all, has constant support and contact with tutors and staff should any confusion or issues arise. I have already recommended this particular course to friends. I feel like I have gained a solid foundation on what will hopefully be a long adventure ahead of me in this new world of TEFL.

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Yes, I would
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