Found the best job for me

Benefits: 3
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Facilities: 5
Safety: 5

I want to start by saying I really like my situation. The main drawback is the money. It could be a little trying for someone who is interested in going out to restaurants, cafes, and going on fun expiditions on the weekend. I still do that but I have to be a little more conservative with my spending. I love my city and exploring Gyeonggido via the awesome network of river trails. I am also someone who studies a lot, so I took a lower paying job that was a little more relaxed in terms of the work load. Much of my spare time is spent reading and writing. All that said, the staff member who assisted me was awesome and very punctual with responding to my emails (sometimes within seconds). Go Overseas also has many others jobs with a varying payscale. So, remember that this is just my personal experience and that I sought out these conditions. You can find teaching gigs with higher pay and bigger cities. - I have to commute quite a bit to my school. But again, I sought out these conditions - I wanted a chill job that provided conditions for being a scholar in the cave. So, I would highly recommend this program because they found the best job for me. Perhaps they can find the job perfect for what you're seeking. Good luck!

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