An Amazing Experience for our Student!

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My daughter (10th grade) said her trip to Granada, Spain was the best thing she has ever done (and she has done a lot!). She absolutely loved the experience. The culture was amazing in Granada, not what she ever could have realized from looking online - the history and beauty of the area was such an incredible gift. Activities such as flamenco dancing, a visit to the Arabic market, Arabic tearoom and Arabic baths, plus paella on the beach, the visit to the Alhambra palace, plus so much more are things she will never forget. The host family was positively wonderful and kind. Their apartment/home was welcoming and spacious. The classes at the school were appropriate, not overly difficult, very very helpful and enjoyable. She would go back in a heartbeat and go to school there if she could! We are thrilled with the care and comfort Acros provided all of the students in her group. The activities and safety and knowledge by the fantastic Acros staff was outstanding. Acros takes the time to ensure these trips are truly immersive and informative. Plus the independence of being on a trip away from 'parents' means the students get a chance to experience a trip like this in a whole different which completely improves their independence, curiosity and appreciation. I can't recommend this program enough!! If your student shows an openness and interest, don't hesitate - these are experiences they will always cherish and remember.

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