Spanish Gap Year Review

Housing: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Spanish Gap Year provided a lot of the opportunities for growth that I had been looking for in a gap program. My experiences with amazing host families, using Spanish to navigate unfamiliar cities, and living with different Spanish culture-influenced routines helped me expand my independence. Making friends out of various situations, always with people that had intriguingly different lived experiences to myself, supported social growth and expanded my comfort zone. As for how my Spanish has improved, I took classes in high school but had not really used Spanish for maybe two years before this trip. Now I can't help unconsciously switching to Spanish on a regular basis.

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Any deep notes about the program I left in the evaluation form or this review, but I thought I would mention that I tried to speak Spanish to a French waiter today. It was embarrassing. Also, I am already ready to go back to Vitoria. My host family invited me to stay with them in July during the jazz festival, and Dani, Laura, and Alazne wanted Lucie and I to come during August when they are there. Anyways, I bet I'll see you around.