Unforgettable Experience!

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My internship was with an NGO in Cape Town, South Africa, their work was targeted towards helping empower asylum seekers and refugees. From the beginning, Carla was always available to answer my questions and provide support in achieving my goals for this internship. All her preparations made for a smooth transition to my destination and into my internship. At my internship, I had an incredible time with the staff and clients. The moment I walked through the door the staff were so kind and welcoming. I grew in many ways and developed new skills as an emerging mental health professional during my 3 months there. I was able to be a part of many programs that included counseling, psychosocial assessments, support groups, and community outreach.

Carla and Connect-123 went above and beyond, not only helping us get connected with internships but also connecting us to the rich culture of South Africa. From amazing excursions to enjoying local food, I got a unique experience of what Cape Town has to offer. They made the experience all-around a life-changing one! I am so grateful to have met some amazing friends along the way and made lasting memories! My experiences with Connect-123 and my internship are ones I will not soon forget!

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