Seguindland Institute Fall 2021

Housing: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Firstly, I'd like to remark on how grateful I am for an opportunity such as this one. I can't recall anticipating that an experience like this would change the trajectory of my life for the best. While coming with the intention to figure out my direction in life, Seguin introduced me to a new sense of novelty, adventure, and relationships, that I had never experienced before. Seguin helped me understand how I can live within the duality of learning while living intentionally. From adventuring to islands, camping, foraging, solitude, and cooking, all the way to the academic side of the program, there's a lot to experience. However, I do believe in transparency and honesty. As someone who's always suffered from anxiety and being included, I found myself often straying away from moments to be included in certain parts of the program, due to my own expectations. This doesn't disregard the moments when I did push myself to try new things, which I did a lot of during this program. If you're deciding to take on a program such as this one, come with no intention and no expectations. Because by the end of the program and the months after, you'll begin to see the program's positive longevity and the pursuance that it has on your life.

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