Helped tremendously in my immigration journey!

Housing: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I was able to successfully obtain and use 2 open work visas through the InterExchange Work & Travel Canada program (as a US citizen). The entire process via InterExchange is a process; there's paperwork, fees, and time waiting, as expected. Everything comes with a price, but I have found that it has been more than worth it in my experience. Working with InterExchange has been a breeze as well and I highly recommend them for their professionalism, thorough assistance, and variety of offers for travelers and newcomers.

The length of the validity of the actual visa is determined by the immigration officer upon landing (it is also in their discretion for how long) and during the activation of the visa. My first one was valid for 1-year and my second one is valid for 2-years (the officer must have been in a good mood that day :D it was on new year's day, lucky me)! I did not use these visas to apply for work as I was already working remotely. I used these visas in order to obtain a tax identification number (TIN) so that I could pay taxes as an independent contractor in Canada. This helped me tremendously in my immigration as I was able to keep working and living in Canada. I worked with James Bridge throughout the years and have really appreciated the thorough guidance and support each step of the way. Thank you, James!

I did not need accommodations or work as I already had both prior so I cannot speak to those. I highly recommend this program to anyone trying to jumpstart their immigration to Canada.

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