Therapy Adventures Panama March Trip

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Therapy Adventures gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I cannot be more
thankful for. I applied to be a part of the Panama trip in the spring of 2022 and was immediately hooked by the idea of seeing a whole new world while gaining beneficial experience for my future career path in speech-language pathology.
The shift to warm weather from Wisconsin’s freezing temperatures was a wonderful
greeting upon arrival. My group and I were transported to Casa Paraiso, a beautiful base with the most amazing rainforest-like backyard you have ever seen. Our stay was accommodated with any needs we expressed, and we quickly realized how genuine and caring the people of Panama are.
With the most fantastic group of children and staff, Casa Providencia had my heart
instantly. Despite the language barrier, I was able to form the most amazing connections with the happiest group of kiddos you’ve ever seen. Our group leaders were incredible with direction as to how we can help and play and guided us through strategies used in ABA therapy and how we can help the staff apply tools to strengthen their already exceptional methods. My favorite learning experience was being able to work with the Speech-Langauge Pathologist, who focussed primarily on the feeding of the children at Casa Providencia. My group leader was able to translate for me, and I learned the many aspects of feeding and swallowing. As for the staff, I was mesmerized by their care for these children and how strong their connections have grown.
My favorite memory at Casa Providencia was when we were playing outside with the kiddos, and a caregiver asked me if I wanted to play soccer with them. As we included every child that wanted to play in our game, my heart grew warmer with the smiles and laughs, and that is a moment I will never forget.
After our visits to Casa Providencia, we were able to explore the beautiful country of
Panama, I highly suggest looking out the window while in the car! We visited areas such as
Casco Viejo took a boat tour through Gamboa, which included the Panama Canal, and even
spent a day at the beach in the clear Caribean Sea! I must also add that Panamanian food is fantastic; expect lots of chicken and rice, but the Panamanian way!
The trip would not have been possible without our extraordinary leaders, who strived to
teach us while maintaining a balance of fun! I am so thankful to have met these amazing women who have impacted how I view the world and my future.
I am beyond grateful to have been a part of this amazing group, seen amazing sights, and
contributed to an incredible organization called Casa Providencia. Thank you, Therapy
Adventures, for the adventure of a lifetime!

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