Highly recommend!

Growth: 9
Support: 8
Fun: 8
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Loved Hebron and the media Internship that I did for the month of May! Although I wasn’t doing this in uni, I have a keen interest in media and the history of the West Bank. What I got to learn with this program was unbelievable; most of which I couldn’t have done myself. I had the chance to talk to the reporters, owners and managers of some of the regions most influential radio stations, refugee camps, and many independent journalists. I also got so much valuable local knowledge from travelling in Hebron. Also with the 2 days off in the week, I had the chance to visit the other cities and sites in the region.
The programme also offers other chances; with my Arabic lessons and helping students with English development I learned so much about the local youth culture.
I would highly recommend the programme, and would also add that safety was surprisingly not an issue at all. If any problems do emerge, Motaz is happy to tweak your timetable to suit your preferences if possible. If you’re adventurous and would like to learn about media in an occupied territory and the Palestinian culture, this is for you✌️

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