Growth: 1
Support: 1
Fun: 1
Housing: 1
Safety: 4

not good. this was their first year doing the program in rome but it still shouldn't be this bad. half of the people that came did not have an internship even 2 weeks into the program. ge was scrambling to find them interviews and found a few okay ones but most of them were bad. many people just got a full refund and quit the program. our internship coordinator was not helpful and pretty rude. i got an internship a few weeks before leaving and i am working there now. not much better for me because i have to go in for a 40 hour week and have close to nothing to do but they refuse to let me go home. i've asked for more to do and they have nothing. i emailed the internship coordinator and she's conveniently on vacation. had to email and call many others just for them to say that i have to still come in for the whole week. i. have. nothing. to. do. this job requires max 2 days. i emailed my school coordinator and am waiting to see if i can do part time. it simply doesnt make sense why they are forcing me to work a 40 hour week when i just come into the office (one hour commute each ways btw) to sit there and be bored.

the housing is okay, pretty far from the center and small but cute. some people got awful housing and had to switch multiple times so i guess we got lucky.

the only reason why i'm having a good time is because of the people and the fact that we are in rome. ge has done basically nothing beneficial.

moral of the story, dont do it. if you really want to, go somewhere that they have a more established thing in place so you're not the guinea pigs like we all were.

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