Multiple Locations +10
  • Spain
    • Madrid
  • Italy
    • Milan
    • Florence
    • Rome
  • England
    • London
  • France
    • Paris
  • Germany
    • Berlin
  • Costa Rica
    • San José
  • Australia
    • Sydney
  • United States of America
    • New York
    • Washington D.C.
  • Scotland
    • Edinburgh
  • Ireland
    • Galway
8 to 12 weeks

Program Details

Non-Monetary Benefits
Fall Spring Summer
Weekly Hours
Age Min.


Starting Price
Price Details
The program fee includes: Guaranteed internship, centralized housing, social events and excursions, medical/travel insurance, personalized support before and during the internship, and post-program alumni benefits.
What's Included
Accommodation Some Activities Travel Insurance
What's Not Included
Airfare Meals Visa
Feb 15, 2022
Aug 03, 2022
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About Program

Intern Abroad in the summer and have a life-changing travel experience while gaining valuable work experience in any of our 15 host cities. You could immerse yourself in the culture of Galway, Edinburgh, London, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, Milan, Rome, Sydney, Berlin, Washington D.C., New York City, or San José.

With an international internship, you’ll gain the professional experience and real-world skills that get you hired faster. At Global Experiences, we find and tailor your internship to fit your background and future goals. For over a decade, we’ve helped young professionals and university students have incredible experiences all around the world.

Please note, the tuition covers a guaranteed internship, housing, social events, career development program, 24/7 staff support, health and travel insurance, and so much more! Scholarships and academic credit are available. All internships are unpaid.

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Program Highlights

  • Guaranteed Internship: As part of the Global Experiences program you are guaranteed an internship in your host city. We do our best to find a high-quality internship that matches your background and future goals.
  • Personalized Attention: We want this experience to be as fulfilling as possible. From the first phone call, we support you and give you all the resources you need to make sure your internship is a success.
  • Professional Development: Through one-on-one coaching and webinars, we assist you in improving in your cover letter and resume. We also prepare you for any interview with a potential employer, establish internship goals, and discuss your strengths.
  • Centralized Housing: Your housing will be centrally located in your host city. Staff available 24/7 are in every one of our host cities. Our staff also host various day trips and social events during the course of your internship.
  • School Credit: Depending on what college you attend you may be able to get a whole semester’s worth of credit. We work with dozens of schools to help students get the credit they deserve.


Global Experiences Generation Study Abroad Scholarship

Global Experiences offers scholarships for both summer and semester terms in any of the organization’s 11 global cities. Full scholarships are available for semester-long programs, with special consideration given to those who are underrepresented in study abroad programs. Global Experiences also contributes to those who receive a Pell Grant or Benjamin A. Gillman scholarship, for both in person and virtual programs.

$500 - $3,000

Program Reviews

4.17 Rating
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  • 4 rating 16.67%
  • 3 rating 0%
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  • 1 rating 16.67%
  • Growth 4.2
  • Support 4.35
  • Fun 4.2
  • Housing 4.2
  • Safety 4.85
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Yes, I recommend this program

GE Australia

This trip was one of my best decisions! I have always wanted to come to Australia but knew I would want to do it in more than just a vacation - this 8 week internship was a great way to learn the city and explore surrounding cities. The other participants were just as enthusiastic about the program and wanted to make the most of their time here. The on the ground coordinator was super helpful in addressing any problems that may have arose during our time here. Lastly, the accommodations were really nice - all had our own kitchen and bathroom with a shared kitchen for a small group among countless amenities throughout the building.

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No, I don't recommend this program


not good. this was their first year doing the program in rome but it still shouldn't be this bad. half of the people that came did not have an internship even 2 weeks into the program. ge was scrambling to find them interviews and found a few okay ones but most of them were bad. many people just got a full refund and quit the program. our internship coordinator was not helpful and pretty rude. i got an internship a few weeks before leaving and i am working there now. not much better for me because i have to go in for a 40 hour week and have close to nothing to do but they refuse to let me go home. i've asked for more to do and they have nothing. i emailed the internship coordinator and she's conveniently on vacation. had to email and call many others just for them to say that i have to still come in for the whole week. i. have. nothing. to. do. this job requires max 2 days. i emailed my school coordinator and am waiting to see if i can do part time. it simply doesnt make sense why they are forcing me to work a 40 hour week when i just come into the office (one hour commute each ways btw) to sit there and be bored.

the housing is okay, pretty far from the center and small but cute. some people got awful housing and had to switch multiple times so i guess we got lucky.

the only reason why i'm having a good time is because of the people and the fact that we are in rome. ge has done basically nothing beneficial.

moral of the story, dont do it. if you really want to, go somewhere that they have a more established thing in place so you're not the guinea pigs like we all were.

  • a few free aperitivos
  • bad internship
  • poor management
  • not worth the cost
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Response from Global Experiences/AIFS Abroad

Thank you for reflecting about your time abroad and sharing your feedback with us. It is extremely important for us to know when we are missing the mark on interns experiences. While we cannot adjust university requirements we can work to better our communication and expectations. It sounds like you have started working with team members to resolve many issues you have encountered, but if you are still left unresolved please contact your Program Advisor and we can continue to work together.

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Yes, I recommend this program

GE in London was the perfect way to spend my summer.

I interned at Solace Women's Aid in London thanks to Global Experiences this summer and I loved it. My internship was perfect for me and GE was there if I needed support or help with anything, which luckily I did not. They really simplified the process of finding the internship and finding housing, and even planned a few fun social events and excursions throughout the two months I was in London with them too. If anyone is on the fence about GE, I would definitely tell them that they are legitimate and interning through them will provide immense professional and personal development.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Dublin Summer 2017

My experience in Dublin changed my life! I grew not only personally but professionally as well! This experience showed me that putting my self out there will lead me to places and opportunities that I couldn't even imagine! Global experience advisors were helpful and didn't baby us. If I didn't anything they were good with communicating back as fast as they could! I will never forget my experience, and I would recommend it to anyone! Great experience!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Going Back for More

I am a huge fan of Global Experiences, so much so that I've now done two summers with them in London! I've always had the need to explore, yet I knew that I needed to spend my Junior and Senior summers doing internships to prepare me for the future, so interning abroad seemed like the perfect solution. I've had great experiences both times, most significantly in my placements. I'm a Business student looking to enter the entertainment industry and I wasn't sure what would be available for me abroad, but GE found two really great internships that helped me to develop skills in management, production and even video editing that I never expected. I learned so much about myself, my work and how I fit into the industry that I've even altered my career path and I'm more excited than ever about the future.

Global Experiences isn't just an internship, it's the whole package. It can be a little intimidating moving across the world to work in a place you may never have been before with a culture that is unfamiliar to you, but GE is really good at preparing you and being supportive throughout the experience. You're with a group of people that are all going through the same thing, and you help build each other up so that you all have the best possible time. The events are also geared towards helping you integrate into the local culture which is so important if you want to get the most out of your experience.

I would (and I have) recommend friends to do this program, as I can't really see the last two summers being any more wonderful!
Cheers GE!

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Experience of A Lifetime

This past summer was one I could never forget! My internship taught me so much about my major and even gave me the opportunity to come back and work for them. It was so amazing being able to work in another country because I learned so much beyond the office! The Global Experiences staff was incredibly helpful and supportive along the way. :) I would recommend this experience to anybody looking for growth in their major and personally!

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Questions & Answers

Hi Josh, Interns are often offered positions with their host employer following their internship - sometimes even remotely! Of course, this is depending on the quality of work and qualifications. Here are a few alumni stories and their advice on turning your internship into a job offer: https://www.globalexperiences.com/blog/turn-internship-into…