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I was part of the TEFL Hybrid program, so I completed my first 2 weeks of the program online, and joined the rest of the group in Costa Rica foe weeks 3 & 4. It takes organization, dedication, self motivation, and communication to successfully complete the online portion. You do have a trainer available to help you and grade you/give you feedback, but it does require a lot of self discipline as well. Once you're with your onsite classmates, trainer, and students, the real fun begins! Everything you have read about, learned, and continue to learn, will be put in action! It's challenging indeed, but the support from classmates, trainers, support staff, community, even the students themselves are so supportive and's just a magical experience that I DEFINITELY do not regret!! My experience came with additional personal challenges that I faced during the program, and still I do not regret it. In fact, I would do it all over again the same exact way. Obtaining my TEFL Certification from Maximo Nivel-Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica was one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. You can do it too! Pura Vida!!

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Jackie Bira is THE BEST!! Don't EVER let her go :)