Life Changing Experience with IOP!!

Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

The Indo Ocean Project is completely mind blowing & life changing. I’ve been asked after graduating with my divemaster if i would really recommend someone to complete theirs and the answer is a million times YES! This is the most welcoming program that exists. Anyone can join with any number of dives, even zero, and achieve truly miraculous feats. There is so much guidance and understanding along the way, you will never feel alone!
I personally, really enjoyed the conservation that we as interns, were able to be apart of. The workshops are so well organized and educating. It’s very fulfilling to see the change that you’re making. By spending so much time in the water, your diving skills will improve immensely! I came out of the program a completely different and more confident diver than I could have ever imagined.
The experience that you’ll have during your divemaster program with Indo Ocean Project is priceless. It’s one of those choices that you’ll never regret and only wish you could do it over and over again because it changed you as a person. It connects like minded people in a beautiful atmosphere where you can add to each other’s knowledge and have amazing experiences together. I feel incredibly honored to call IOP family. 💙

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