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4 to 14 weeks
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Non-Monetary Benefits
Year Round
Apartment Host Family
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Starting Price
Price Details
Packages depend on your current diving level starting from $380 USD / week

Package #1 - Dive Master (8 weeks)
For divers who have completed up to their Rescue Diver course

Package #2 - Rescuer (10 weeks)
For Advanced divers who need to complete their rescue skills during their program.

Package #3 - Advanced (12 weeks)
For divers with an Open Water Diver certification and need to complete both Advanced and Rescue courses

Package #4 - Zero to Hero (14 weeks)
For applicants who have no previous diving experience and need to complete all the required prerequisites.

Package #5 - Researcher (6 weeks)
For professional or experienced divers who do not need to complete their Dive Master course
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Some Meals SIM cards Wifi
What's Included (Extra)

All packages include accommodation, in country transportation, 6-8 dives per week, 5 specialty courses, workshops, program shirt, VISA assistance, pre arrival training materials, pre arrival support

*Due to it's remoteness, all Raja Ampat programs include full room and board

What's Not Included
Airfare Domestic Airfare Some Meals Travel Insurance Visa
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Return flights to home country
In country spending money
Some meals
Travel and Dive Insurance
Profesional Processing Fees
Dive Master Training Manuals

Apr 04, 2023
Sep 09, 2023
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About Program

Indo Ocean Project was founded by marine biologists and dive professionals to create a high level training and ecological monitoring program in the heart of the coral triangle.

Our field expeditions in Indonesia hosts research projects focused on marine mega fauna, coral reef conservation, and marine policy. The aim of the Indo Ocean Project is to generate high quality scientific data to inform local mangers and stakeholders about the status of Marine Protect Areas (MPA), and to increase marine conservation awareness among the local communities and general public. We combine our research project with a dive master internship program to allow aspiring marine researchers or dive professionals to gain hands on experience in a professional environment while completing several internationally recognized certifications.

You don't need to be a diver or scientist to apply! Join one of our project locations in Nusa Penida (Bali), Bira (Southern Sulawesi) or Raja Ampat (West Papua).

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Program Highlights

  • Complete your dive master course and 5 marine ecology specialty certifications in paradise
  • Immerse yourself in tropical marine biology and work alongside a team of award winning dive professionals and marine biologists
  • Practical hands on research diver training and techniques including ecological monitoring surveys, baited remote underwater video, marine megafauna photographic identification, coral restoration, coral reef mapping, mangrove and sea grass restoration...
  • Career stepping stone and CV builder, launch your marine conservation or professional diving career
  • Explore Indonesia's top diving destinations and swim with manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, ocean sunfish and pristine coral reefs in the planets biodiversity hotspot: Nusa Penida, Bira, and Raja Ampat

Popular Programs

Nusa Penida Dive Master and Research Diver Internship

The project headquarters is located on the island of Nusa Penida in the Penida Marine Park. Penida is a diver, surfer, and yogi paradise only a 30-minute boat ride from southeast Bali and ideally located only 1 hour away from the Denpasar International Airport.

Key highlights
- Year-round manta ray sightings
- Seasonal mola sightings (ocean sunfish)
- Nusa Penida Turtles project
- Mangrove and Coral nursery and restoration
- Grounded ecological monitoring and baseline data

Raja Ampat Project Dive Master and Research Diver internship

Raja Ampat is comprised of over 1500 small islands surrounding 4 main islands of Misool. Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. The project headquarters are located on the island of Waigeo around 20 minute’s drive from the regions capital, Waisai.

Key highlights
- Most biodiverse marine ecosystem on the planet
- Project development
- Established MPA
- Remote island living
- Manta rays, reef sharks, macro diving (critters) and thriving coral reefs

Bira Project Dive Master and Research Diver internship

Bira is located on a peninsula in Southern Sulawesi around 200km away from Makasar. It has one of Indonesia’s most stunning beaches and untouched reefs. Far away from the hustle and bustle of cities, this sleepy ship building village has only just started to attract the travellers eye.

Key highlights:
- Reef sharks galore!
- Marine park development
- Baseline data collection and ecological monitoring
- Coral nursery and mangrove restoration
- Community and education program

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  • Growth 4.9
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  • Housing 4.65
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Experience

This opportunity came at a crucial time in my life. I Graduated with a degree in Marine Biology, but having no knowledge in diving, this Divemaster internship at Raja Ampat was a springboard for my personal and professional growth.

Traveling a long distance alone can seem like a heavy challenge to tackle. But strangely, I really enjoyed being able to live in such a simple and authentic way for more than 3 and a half months. Learning from basic to hero diving in such a privileged place as Raja Ampat was really a blessing.

Raja Ampat is above all a grandiose human experience. Not only do you experience and connect with the local culture up close, but you are also rocked by an immense cultural diversity thanks to interns from all over the world.

Marine biodiversity is immeasurably rich and transcendent. IOP teaches us perfectly the functioning of these ecosystems and sensibilizes us to conservation issues and the challenges that remain to thrive these fragile and threatened ecosystems. Despite my training in marine biology, the practical and theoretical knowledge acquired at IOP allowed me to understand more concretely how to focus my energy and my actions for the benefit of the preservation of the ocean.

IOP Raja Ampat has been for me an evolutionary platform. This breathtaking beauty mixed with this surreal tranquility transcends your body and your entire mind until vibrating your soul. This is the kind of experience that delivers the brightest or darkest sides of yourself and teaches you how to cope. It is also by understanding these aspects that you gain confidence as a diver.

I felt so fulfilled, so free and so safe in the ocean, like I had never felt before. The instructors, Dana Nalezencova, Elise Dixon and Mette Carlsen are qualified professionals who have managed to transmit to me their love of diving and confidence in the water.

This constant contact with the ocean was for me a true revelation, an illumination.
It was the most memorable experience of my life and I am so grateful for everyone who contributed. I now have the joyful satisfaction of being able to discover with even more freedom, motivation and perseverance the oceans of the world to understand and learn more and more about how to preserve them.

Coming to IOP Raja Ampat is not just a simple diving and marine conservation course, it is a life experience that will mark you forever. Go for it !

I can't omit it : " LET'S GO DIVING HEINNNN !!! "

  • Complete and solid dive training in a preserved paradise
  • Unforgettable warmth of local culture
  • BINTANG TIME in the jetty !
  • We don't want to leave
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best dive master research internship going

If you’re looking to get your dive master whilst increasing your knowledge for the marine word or trying to continue your journey into marine biology/conservation like I was, this internship is a very good choice! You meet plenty of professionals in both the diving and marine research industries Eye opening to see the different opportunities available and make good contacts for the future.
The dive shop which this internship is based at (reeflex dive shop) is also home to lots of very good instructors.

  • Met some life long friends
  • Learnt valuable employable skills
  • Logged 80 dives in 10 weeks
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Yes, I recommend this program

You won’t regret this

IOP (Nusa Penida) was a life changing experience. Daily dives and workshops provide the perfect environment to become an experienced Dive Master with a strong understanding of marine environments/marine ecology. The IOP staff work hard to ensure interns get the most from their time. While the program is rigorous, there is a fair amount of down time, with 4-5 days off a month. I came with my Rescue Cert so the program was 2 months but it flew by, and I wish it would have been longer. The locals on Nusa Penida are very kind and make the day-day quite pleasant. There are tons of amazing cheap food options all over the island. It’s easy to fall in love with island life. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of IOP it’s once in a lifetime!

  • 1-2 dives a day most days
  • Get to help maintain and restore marine ecosystems (reefs and mangroves)
  • Cost of living is very cheap
  • Main mode of transport is scooters on small roads
  • Travel from Bali to Penida can be a challenge with luggage
  • You have to eventually leave
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Yes, I recommend this program

Zero to Hero divemaster - Bira

I spent 14 weeks at the Bira project location, arriving with 0 dives and leaving with a divemaster certification, this was an incredible experience and definitely one of my favourite things ive ever done! My time was filled with assisting and leading dives, workshops, species ID, roving surveys, BRUV deployments and analysis, benthic surveys, coral restoration and mangrove care and replanting. I have learnt to much at my time in IOP and would highly recommend this program to all (especially at the Bira location there are so many sharks and even a few molas!!!!).
Couldn't have asked for a more perfect experience with the most perfect people to experience this with, special thanks to the blue planet team Phoebe and Sylvain and Jess, Ben and Qinthan, the most inspiring people to do scientific diving with :)

  • So many surprises when diving
  • The amazing staff and interns
  • The boat, captain suandang and rahmat
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wholesome DM program

I can’t possibly believe I had the most beautiful and productive 2 months in Raja Ampat - divers’ paradise learning from some of the most compassionate, well informed, and driven team of dive professionals. The amount of exposure and growth I’ve had is incredible! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The training along with the scientific research and conservation efforts that make up the program is so wholesome. I feel so much more confident as not just a dive professional but as someone who’s going to lead more people into diving! Along with all that, living with the Papuans was a blessing in itself. They are the loveliest staff and so helpful.

  • Scientific approach to the DM program
  • The local staff and the local food
  • It’s RAJA!
  • Could get quite remote for people who aren’t used to it. Not for super urban folks!
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Yes, I recommend this program

From the one that kept extending her stay!

Arrived as an open water diver in Raja Ampat, not really knowing what to expect living this experience far away from home. The first day, I discover the camp, surrounded by the jungle and straigh away I feel in peace knowing that something good was about to happen. I got to stay for 12 weeks to become a dive master before extending for 4 more. I feel like if you really want to understand how amazing this adventure is you have to see it by yourself, words wouldn't describe it. Believe me you won't be dissapointed. To say, I tried to extend as much as I could ;) I won't spoil you but just expect to fall in love with diving, the people and Raja Ampat as a whole.
Also, I want to express my truthful gratitude to Mette Rosenberge Carlsen and Elise Dixon, amazing people and instructors that gave me back my passion for biology and introduce me to diving which I know is gonna be a big part of my life ! I will forever remember these jungle women as an exemple in my life and cannot express my gratitude for how much they impacted a part of my life!

  • The Chef cooks amazing food!
  • Diving is breathtaking
  • I met people that I consider as part of my family
  • Sorry, I really tried to find one but there is none ;)
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Yes, I recommend this program


I have spent the last year taking part in various marine conservation internships, I can honestly say my time with Indo Ocean was unlike anything else- in the best possible way! Arriving as an Advanced Open Water diver with only around 10 dives under my weight belt, I worried if travelling half way around the world was too big of a step but I am so pleased I did. Completely surrounding myself in the diving environment was definitely the best way to learn. I can now say I am a confident diver and enjoy every second underwater. I am not from a scientific background and I did struggle with some aspects of the learning, mainly the fish identification (there are just so many in Raja!), however after working with the tutors and fellow dive master trainees I was extremely pleased to pass my tests and take part in surveys. I know some say the accommodation is basic but my bed was comfortable and I was always very happy with the food provided- who doesn't like crepes for breakfast?! It takes a little while for everything to settle in a new location, but I am thrilled to say I was one of the first Divemasters to be trained by Indo Ocean in such an incredible location.

  • Diving Skills
  • Abundance of Marine Wildlife
  • Conservation Projects
  • Nope!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Zero to Hero Divemaster Experience - Bira, Sulawesi

Having started my Divemaster in Bira with zero experience, I really couldn't have asked for a more welcoming, informative, safety-conscious and downright fun program to have joined.

My 14 week course was packed with informative workshops, marine ecology learning, extra curricular activities and most importantly, plenty of hands on diving experience. The Bira experience cannot be understated enough, it's an ecological goldmine underneath those waves. Regularly seeing a variety of species of sharks, rays, turtles and all manner of other marine megafauna (which particularly interest me) was amazing.

The experience above water was also great, courtesy of the people working for both IOP and Blue Planet. Huge thanks to Ben, Jess and Qinthan for making the experience what it was, couldn't have imagined the place without you guys!

  • Sharks, sharks and even more sharks.
  • Very fun diving experience whilst also keeping it both informative and safe
  • The people! (and the boat)
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