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4 to 14 weeks
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Non-Monetary Benefits
Year Round
Apartment Host Family
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Starting Price
Price Details
Packages depend on your current diving level starting from $400 USD / week

Package #1 - Dive Master (8 weeks)
For divers who have completed up to their Rescue Diver course

Package #2 - Rescuer (10 weeks)
For Advanced divers who need to complete their rescue skills during their program.

Package #3 - Advanced (12 weeks)
For divers with an Open Water Diver certification and need to complete both Advanced and Rescue courses

Package #4 - Zero to Hero (14 weeks)
For applicants who have no previous diving experience and need to complete all the required prerequisites.

Package #5 - Researcher (6 weeks)
For professional or experienced divers who do not need to complete their Dive Master course
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Some Meals SIM cards Wifi
What's Included (Extra)

All packages include accommodation, in country transportation, 6-8 dives per week, 5 specialty courses, workshops, program shirt, VISA assistance, pre arrival training materials, pre arrival support

*Due to it's remoteness, all Raja Ampat programs include full room and board

What's Not Included
Airfare Domestic Airfare Some Meals Travel Insurance Visa
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Return flights to home country
In country spending money
Some meals
Travel and Dive Insurance
Profesional Processing Fees
Dive Master Training Manuals

Jul 23, 2022
Feb 04, 2023
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About Program

Indo Ocean Project was founded by marine biologists and dive professionals to create a high level training and ecological monitoring program in the heart of the coral triangle.

Our field expeditions in Indonesia hosts research projects focused on marine mega fauna, coral reef conservation, and marine policy. The aim of the Indo Ocean Project is to generate high quality scientific data to inform local mangers and stakeholders about the status of Marine Protect Areas (MPA), and to increase marine conservation awareness among the local communities and general public. We combine our research project with a dive master internship program to allow aspiring marine researchers or dive professionals to gain hands on experience in a professional environment while completing several internationally recognized certifications.

You don't need to be a diver or scientist to apply! Join one of our project locations in Nusa Penida (Bali), Bira (Southern Sulawesi) or Raja Ampat (West Papua).

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Program Highlights

  • Complete your dive master course and 5 marine ecology specialty certifications in paradise
  • Immerse yourself in tropical marine biology and work alongside a team of award winning dive professionals and marine biologists
  • Practical hands on research diver training and techniques including ecological monitoring surveys, baited remote underwater video, marine megafauna photographic identification, coral restoration, coral reef mapping, mangrove and sea grass restoration...
  • Career stepping stone and CV builder, launch your marine conservation or professional diving career
  • Explore Indonesia's top diving destinations and swim with manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, ocean sunfish and pristine coral reefs in the planets biodiversity hotspot: Nusa Penida, Bira, and Raja Ampat

Popular Programs

Nusa Penida Dive Master and Research Diver Internship

The project headquarters is located on the island of Nusa Penida in the Penida Marine Park. Penida is a diver, surfer, and yogi paradise only a 30-minute boat ride from southeast Bali and ideally located only 1 hour away from the Denpasar International Airport.

Key highlights
- Year-round manta ray sightings
- Seasonal mola sightings (ocean sunfish)
- Nusa Penida Turtles project
- Mangrove and Coral nursery and restoration
- Grounded ecological monitoring and baseline data

Raja Ampat Project Dive Master and Research Diver internship

Raja Ampat is comprised of over 1500 small islands surrounding 4 main islands of Misool. Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. The project headquarters are located on the island of Waigeo around 20 minute’s drive from the regions capital, Waisai.

Key highlights
- Most biodiverse marine ecosystem on the planet
- Project development
- Established MPA
- Remote island living
- Manta rays, reef sharks, macro diving (critters) and thriving coral reefs

Bira Project Dive Master and Research Diver internship

Bira is located on a peninsula in Southern Sulawesi around 200km away from Makasar. It has one of Indonesia’s most stunning beaches and untouched reefs. Far away from the hustle and bustle of cities, this sleepy ship building village has only just started to attract the travellers eye.

Key highlights:
- Reef sharks galore!
- Marine park development
- Baseline data collection and ecological monitoring
- Coral nursery and mangrove restoration
- Community and education program

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Program Reviews

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  • Growth 4.9
  • Support 5
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  • Housing 4.7
  • Safety 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

An experience you’ll remember for a lifetime!

This experience allowed me to connect with people from all over the world. Not only was I learning about Indonesian culture, I was also learning about my fellow classmates cultures. Your time spent living and diving with the other interns allows you to create such a unique bond. The opportunity to dive every day allows you to develop skills and progress at a rapid rate when it comes to diving. The staff are energetic and their passion for diving is infectious. The memories I made within this program will last me a lifetime.

  • Amazing marine life!
  • Building friendships
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Yes, I recommend this program

Divemaster Programme - Nusa Penida

The Divemaster Internship run by IOP in Nusa Penida is a combination of disciplined and professional scientific diving alongside engaging classroom taught marine biological material. The staff are all extremely knowledgable and have a lot to teach from a wide range of specialities. The programme itself is accessible to people of any level and there is much to gain for everyone. The beautiful surroundings and wonderful people made it a rewarding and memorable experience.
Thank you IOP Team!! :)

  • Rewarding Professional Development
  • Beautiful Dive sites and ecology
  • Diverse Leadership Team
  • Can’t stay for longer!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Living the dream in Raja Ampat with Indo Ocean Project

You can’t go wrong choosing Indo Ocean Project for your Marine Research and/or Conservation Dive Master internship. I was among the first group of intern who had the chance to spend a few months in the West Papua, Indonesia, location. Raja Ampat is a very special place on earth, with its incredible marine biodiversity and efficient Marine Protected Areas. The team of scuba dive instructors and marine biologists is made of very professional and passionate people who are always willing to answer our questions, give advices and share their experiences. Interns are coming from every horizon but with the same passion for the ocean so you’re pretty sure to make new friends (and dive buddies!) coming from all around the world. Diving in breathtaking sites surrounded by an amazing team of instructors, interns and locals, who you end up being friends with, having no idea of which day of the week is it, living the jungle life and waking up every morning with the sounds of waves and parrots. This was pure happiness. This was the best experience of my life.

If you are fond of scuba diving and marine life AND if you are confortable living in a remote island and all that entails, then the Raja Ampat location might be for you! I can’t recommend more Indo Ocean Project!

  • Very professional people
  • Breathtaking dive sites
  • Tropical climate
  • Be ready for the jungle life ;)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Zero to Hero Program - Penida

If you're like me reading all this information, thinking, "this sounds too good to be true. It can't be real, " let me tell you, this program is truly just that amazing. I came to this program with no diving experience, and in 14 weeks, I became an SSI Divemaster. Indo Ocean Project believes that "to be a good research diver, you must first need to be a good diver," so holding our program at Reeflex Divers in Nusa Penida was an excellent choice. The standards for excellence at IOP and Reeflex are high, and it can be overwhelming at first, but you learn a lot. By my final weeks, I felt so prepared to handle whatever curveballs the Penida waters or assisting customers decided to throw at me. If you want to become a strong diver, learn in Penida through IOP/Reeflex.

On the conservation side of the internship, the workshops are fascinating and led by staff who are passionate about what they teach, and participating in data collection for multiple research topics is so rewarding. The program has specific requirements for the conservation aspect, but there are no limitations if you want to go above and beyond. You become certified in numerous data collection methods, such as becoming a certified survey diver for roving surveys, deploying/retrieving BRUVs, and then analyzing the footage. You also receive certification in different marine ecologies such as shark, manta, turtle, and even coral ecology, where you get the opportunity to propagate coral in the project's coral nursery. You can participate in additional research, such as going through and uploading identification shots of turtles, mantas, and molas or working on benthic survey analysis – which is what I did. It's crazy to think how much I learned in such a short amount of time – whether it be about diving or marine life, you are fully immersed in the project's mission and surrounded by others who have the same passion. I will forever be so grateful for this internship, and I can't wait to use these new skills and knowledge in my future profession.

Thank you to all the IOP and Reeflex staff, you guys are amazing, and I would give you six stars if I could.

  • Beautiful dive sites
  • Supportive staff
  • Hands-on field experience
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Yes, I recommend this program

IOP Penida was a dream

I am so grateful to this program, the staff, and the beautiful island of Nusa Penida for opening my eyes to the wonders of the ocean and how we can best protect her moving forward. IOP didn’t just train me to be a skilled diver; I also left the program with scientific diving experience. I saw more mantas than most people get to see in a lifetime, and I know now that I want to work in conservation. The ecology workshops were hands-on and interactive. Reeflex dive shop was also fantastic— the instructors were exceptional and have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to equipment.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Divemaster Internship - Penida

I completed my 10 week divemaster and research diver internship in Penida with IOP. My time there was amazing! I’ve gained so much knowledge and fieldwork experience, and have a better insight as to what it’s like working as a dive professional. It really made me feel better prepared to go out and start my career in marine conservation. At the same time you get to live on a beautiful island and make such good friends with the other interns. The diving is incredible and the staff are supportive throughout and after the internship.

  • Amazing diving
  • Supportive staff
  • Fieldwork experience
  • Need a scooter to get around
  • Accommodation has no useable kitchen
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best decision I’ve ever made

This programme has opened up so many opportunities for me that I didn’t know existed, as someone which doesn’t have a science background I could never have imagined myself working within conservation. However during this programme you get to do a wide range of activities, from BRUV’S to surveys and much more. I now feel like I have something to offer to a group working in conservation which I didn’t have before joining. I know I want to be an instructor and this programme gives you a very good idea on what this would be like as you assist many courses and lead many dives. I love this programme will remember it forever and recommend anyone to try it out

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Yes, I recommend this program

Indo Ocean Project, Bira.

As someone who was changing career direction, I had been looking for a way to gain marine conservation experience and was struggling to find something to cover everything I needed. Then I came across IndoOcean Project (IOP). For me it ticked every box I was after conservation wise (turtles, sharks,rays, fish families/key species, mangrove and coral restoration) and all for a very respectable price, plus I got my Divemaster out of it too. I felt that it was the ideal package for someone looking to start up in marine conservation, and I am so glad I was able to spend those 10 weeks with IOP in Bira.

The staff were all brilliant! As dive instructors, they were very professional, thorough and very supportive. They go above and beyond the standard PADI or SSI requirements to make sure we leave as excellent dive professionals by the end of the programme. For the conservation side, the ecology workshops were incredibly informative, and the staff only too happy to entertain the millions of questions that we threw at them.

Having up to 8 interns plus the staff around made for a very nice social atmosphere and building up really good connections. The accommodation was exactly what was needed, dorm style bedrooms, a big social area and kitchen, and access to local amenities - shops/restaurants/bars etc within walking or Scooter distance.

In terms of the diving, being one of only a few dive centres in the area meant that we had the dive sites to ourselves. As part of the coral triangle and being a relatively untouristy area means that the reefs are in good condition and there are plenty of fish, turtles, sharks and even the odd whale shark!

All in all, it was a fantastic project, and I can say without doubt that my time with IOP in Bira was invaluable (and the reason I was able to get a coral restoration position in the Seychelles afterwards) - Huge thank you to everyone there!

  • Great dive sites
  • Knowledgeable, friendly and supportive staff
  • Great restaurant (with pool table) next door
  • Journey to Bira can be quite long
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