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Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world, the number one shark fishing nation, and second largest contributor to ocean plastic pollution. Geographically, Indonesia should have some of the highest biodiversity of predatory species in the world, but the high demand for shark fins and manta ray gill rakers has caused severe overfishing across the country and nearly exhausted the population. This is the front lines of marine mega fauna conservation efforts.

At Indo Ocean Project we believe that before becoming good research divers, you first must become a good diver. A combination dive master/conservation project allows our interns to become dive professionals while taking an active roll in one of our many resident projects. We current have 3 projects locations across Indonesia accepting applications all year round.

  • PADI Dive Master Course
  • 5 Marine Ecology Specialty Certifications
  • Tropical Marine Biology
  • Practical hands on research diver training and techniques
  • Work alongside a team of experienced marine biologists and dive professionals

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Yes, I recommend this program

Divemaster internship

Do you like diving in beautiful places, meeting people from around the world, finding a perfect balance between work and play, comfortable beds with air-conditioned rooms, fun local staff, fried rice, currents, mantas, epic science, nerds, dogs, and goodbyes so hard you come back two months after you left? This is the place for you!
In all seriousness, my experience with IndoOcean Project was amazing thanks to the staff (local and non-local) who have years and years of diving experience and knowledge (conservation, tech, tourism, photography, etc) behind them and the absolutely stunning beauty that is Nusa Penida. Underwater and on the surface, it's hard to be bored here. To top it off I've gained skills that not only translate to a career in diving but all other aspects of my life.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A very intense, incredibly fun and extremely inspiring experience

I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this program, all I knew was: Dive Master AND conservation? That sounds like me. Indeed, I think it is one of the very few programs around that combine both. And it was exactly what I was looking for. So as a dive master in training you'll get to assist on different PADI courses, which helps you to understand how to deal with various situations and costumers in the diving industry. But that is just one part. Equally, you'll get an insight in the incredibly important and fascinating field of marine science! The scientific dives are more technical and can be more challenging, I always felt like I'm on a scientific mission to contribute a bit to help ocean conservation. The staff is just amazing! They are incredibly supportive, fun and extremely knowledgeable (they are like walking encyclopedias). And if you do find a questions that they cannot answer, they will find the information for you. All of them are extremely dedicated and just lovely people to hang out with! If you're up for an adventure in incredibly beautiful reefs (always good for a surprise: like Molas. or dolphins. or a tresher shark. or Mantas. or Nudis... ) and you want to learn how to dive safely in currents: This is the place to go! I miss this place and these people!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I would appreciate it much more-from the first minute on! When I arrived, I thought: Well, I still have 8 weeks to do this (e.g. go to the local food market, pick up some Bahasa, drive around the island an explore) when I get bored. But every day is so different so that you never really get a routine and time flies! After 8 weeks I finally had my first dinner at the beach-which was also the night before I had to leave. So enjoy it as much as you can from minute 1 !!!

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Dive Master and Research Diver internship with multiple locations in Indonesia, the heart of the coral triangle. Complete your PADI dive master course along with 5 ecology specialties written and designed by our team of marine biologists and dive...