Excellent trip!!

Impact: 4
Support: 4
Fun: 5
Value: 4
Safety: 4

My name is Reuben, a 17-year old student from just outside London, England. Having studied languages at school for many years, I decided to visit Germany in order to practice my skills in a real-life setting. Volunteering at the Excellence Centre looked like the perfect opportunity to study German and explore Germany, whilst being able to give something back to local communities.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the centre, as the people provided an excellent atmosphere, the German classes were engaging, and I had a chance to try my hand as an English teacher. Through the centre I met people not only from different countries, but from entirely different cultures and backgrounds. Everyone had a story to share - which we did over communal breakfasts and trips to town. I’d thoroughly recommend spending a few weeks at the centre (I came for two weeks but now wish I did longer!). Use your weekends wisely - there’s so much to explore in the local area (such as going to the Harz region or visiting a city like Leipzig/Nuremberg/Dresden), but also great chances to socialise with your fellow volunteers. I can’t wait to have great experiences like this again in the future, and I’ll miss the people I met on this little adventure!

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