online software unreliable

Instruction: 5
Support: 2
Fun: 4
Housing: 1
Value: 3

The school has good people, nice people. There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Beijing school location. I would sometimes go by and have a cup of coffee and just chat.

Unfortunately the online platform leaves a bit to be desired. I found myself frustrated at the start of my lessons, which usually started between 5 and 15 minutes late (out of a 50 minute lesson) because I lost that much time getting the online platform to work correctly.
Note - I am VERY tech savvy. The problem is inherit in the software coding/design.

It is very unfortunate that a good school with good people would use a dysfunctional online platform. I would highly recommend this school for in person lessons but I can not, in good conscience, recommend it for online lessons.

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Yes, I would
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Private Note to Provider (optional)
I think your online platform should have been fixed a long time ago but it was not. Every time I consider continuing my lessons from overseas, I am reminded when I take my next lesson why I should by the inability of your online platform to correctly finish the "computer check" ... I can not complete the check, ever! I end up taking the lesson without the recording section of the test working. Sometime the lesson works. Sometime it does not. The test says my camera works but my mic does not. But in the lesson the camera does not work and the microphone does. I remember you when replaced your software with this new system. But whoever coded your new platform never fixed it correctly. It is a shame because you have good people and a good school, but your online platform was a constant waste of my time and money. Saving time and money was the whole reason I chose online rather than losing an addition 2 hours per lesson traveling to and from the school. I hope you can get this problem fix. It would take you from being a good school to being a great one. Best wishes to you.