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Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Value: 5

From July 13th to August 5th I've been studying at Meiji Academy located in Fukuoka. Two privates lessons per week and 3 hours per day in class, but it also felt like private lessons because we were 2 students which is nice.

Before joining the school I needed to ask questions regarding scholarship, visa, accomodations etc and the staff was really helpful and quick to respond. I received clear answers in english, wich was really reassuring since I was about to fly on the other side of the planet to meet them.

I've been studying with 3 different teachers and textbook Genki II during my scholarship. The teachers were really kind and competent, with the right amount of friendliness to make it interesting, and the right amount of seriousness because we're here to learn. They had different ways of teaching japanese but they all focused on practicing oral skills and fluency. I've never used Genki textbooks before and I really like it, it's great for learning japanese with other students in a class like this. The teachers also brought there own studying material, like other textbooks, newspaper, culture related articles etc. I only wished I had more homeworks assigned, but instead I prepared the upcoming lesson. Teacher and staff alike were always available to answers any language related questions.

The staff, was very friendly and helpful overall. They gave me good recommendation about places to see, food to taste, things to try. They brought really good insights about japanese culture as well. They also invited me multiple times to go to the onsen and now I'm love with it. Even though I stayed for 1 month, I was able to participate in a language exchange event with another school of japanese people learning english. They organised a beach party which was really fun; ice-breakers, games on the beach, watermelon and all. Good times, I practiced a lot that day.

Also it is worth mentioning that I lived in a homestay selected by Meiji Academy during 1 month. I know this is a review for the school but honestly it was almost the best part. My homestay mother was very kind and helpful in every way imaginable. Sightseeing spots, restaurants, activities ... She is also a japanese teacher in elementary school and helped me with vocabulary and tricky grammar. Also she had an adorable dog.

Here is my review for Meiji Academy. Maybe I should have said something along the line "Go to this school, it's great" but I would rather tell you my story. My language skills improved, I discovered japanese culture and I met people I can call my friends. Every aspect of my scholarship was interesting and entertaining. Never thought I would miss school in my life 😅. Thank you Meiji Academy.

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