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Dec 09, 2019
May 15, 2023
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Whether you want to work in Japan, to fully understand its culture or to explore its preserved nature, the first step to reach your goal in Japan is to learn the Japanese language. Why only attend group classes when you could also have private classes to focus on your priorities?

In this course, you will have 20 Japanese classes per week plus 4 private classes each week. You won’t only use classrooms, but also go outside to practice in real conditions. In addition, you can choose what you want to focus on together with your teacher during your own private classes, and boost your weak points!

After class, you will have the opportunity to join various social events and explore the sunny port city of Fukuoka! Fukuoka is the perfect place to study Japanese as you experience the Japanese way of life alongside your new friends. Meiji Academy and Fukuoka are your gateways into Japan - Adventure awaits!

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Program Highlights

  • Learn Japanese language easier than ever by immersing yourself in intensive Japanese classes
  • Study Japanese in small classes and take private lessons from dedicated teachers
  • Find new friends from all over the world and discover everything Fukuoka has to offer
  • Experience the Japanese way of life, choosing between a Japanese host family, an international share house, or your own apartment
  • Take part in social events and day trips all over Kyushu, the Southern island of Japan

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Yes, I recommend this program

An amazing study at Meiji Academy

I have studied at other schools in japan but i found Meiji Academy to be the best . The teachers and staff were all excellent and accommodating. I thought teachers especially iiwata nanami were excellent.
I plan to return to Meiji Academy this year for more study . I look forward to continuing my Japanese study
I have studied in other countries at languages schools but i found meiji to be excellent and also a very good value. I also tool private classes which i felt helped me very much . I feel i made alot of progress in my japanese .
I would recommend Meiji to anyone who wants to learn japanese .

  • Small class size with excellent instruction
  • Good location
  • Very accommodating staff
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

Other language schools should learn from Meiji Academy

From July 13th to August 5th I've been studying at Meiji Academy located in Fukuoka. Two privates lessons per week and 3 hours per day in class, but it also felt like private lessons because we were 2 students which is nice.

Before joining the school I needed to ask questions regarding scholarship, visa, accomodations etc and the staff was really helpful and quick to respond. I received clear answers in english, wich was really reassuring since I was about to fly on the other side of the planet to meet them.

I've been studying with 3 different teachers and textbook Genki II during my scholarship. The teachers were really kind and competent, with the right amount of friendliness to make it interesting, and the right amount of seriousness because we're here to learn. They had different ways of teaching japanese but they all focused on practicing oral skills and fluency. I've never used Genki textbooks before and I really like it, it's great for learning japanese with other students in a class like this. The teachers also brought there own studying material, like other textbooks, newspaper, culture related articles etc. I only wished I had more homeworks assigned, but instead I prepared the upcoming lesson. Teacher and staff alike were always available to answers any language related questions.

The staff, was very friendly and helpful overall. They gave me good recommendation about places to see, food to taste, things to try. They brought really good insights about japanese culture as well. They also invited me multiple times to go to the onsen and now I'm love with it. Even though I stayed for 1 month, I was able to participate in a language exchange event with another school of japanese people learning english. They organised a beach party which was really fun; ice-breakers, games on the beach, watermelon and all. Good times, I practiced a lot that day.

Also it is worth mentioning that I lived in a homestay selected by Meiji Academy during 1 month. I know this is a review for the school but honestly it was almost the best part. My homestay mother was very kind and helpful in every way imaginable. Sightseeing spots, restaurants, activities ... She is also a japanese teacher in elementary school and helped me with vocabulary and tricky grammar. Also she had an adorable dog.

Here is my review for Meiji Academy. Maybe I should have said something along the line "Go to this school, it's great" but I would rather tell you my story. My language skills improved, I discovered japanese culture and I met people I can call my friends. Every aspect of my scholarship was interesting and entertaining. Never thought I would miss school in my life 😅. Thank you Meiji Academy.

  • Very friendly and community-driven atmosphere
  • Good learning material and teachers
  • You're not only taught japanese, you're taught how to make the best out of Japan
  • Classroom might be a bit small if there is too much students
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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning Japanese in Fukuoka

I had been working in Japan for several months already in an import/export company, and it bothered me that I wasn't able to speak Japanese properly. I mean, it's quite convenient that everyone in my company speaks English, but I just couldn't make any progress in Japanese even though I was living and working in Japan. So I signed up for classes with Meiji Academy and finally got a solid knowledge of Japanese which it's amazing! This school is great, the teachers are talented and nice and it was a very good use of my time. I made new friends in Fukuoka and they showed me many places I didn't know. Taking these classes was definitely the best thing to do!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Got much confidence in Japanese

I took a Japanese option at university but the level is not very high, so I took advantage of my trip to Japan to take lessons directly on site. I saw that some of the staff were European so it gave me confidence. And I think that I did well to trust them because they immediately understood my needs. The director and the other foreigners of this school are also people who have gone through the learning of Japanese, and they clearly know what they are doing. The teachers are all Japanese and it's really great to learn quickly. We are not dealing with a single teacher, but several, which is great for getting used to different accents and different ways of speaking. In addition the majority of them are rather young (in their thirties) so it was very easy to talk about pop culture with them. I had an absolutely magical stay in Fukuoka and made incredible friends from all over the world. I was able to practice Japanese with native speakers during the activities and language exchanges, and that is what helped me most to speak with confidence.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Very nice experience in southern Japan

I always asked so many questions to my teachers but they never lost their patience! :p This language program helped me gain self confidence. I improved so much in Japanese and I realized that I was actually capable of learning a new language. While in class, I felt like I wasn’t making any progress, but then we attended some language exchange with actual Japanese students and, boy, did it show that I spoke proper Japanese. I could chat away with them fairly easily! We had classes every day and learned very quickly. The private classes were very useful to work on specific grammar or themes. The staff was nice and welcoming. On the first day, they added me on LINE and we could contact them at any moment. During the first week, I was placed in a group with two girls, and from the second week, another guy from England arrived. We became quite close thanks to all the activities Meiji organized for us.

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Yes, I recommend this program

I miss Japan and I miss my friends

The course I chose was called "Intensive Japanese Course". I wanted to face a new challenge and learn Japanese, if possible in Japan directly. I read that Meiji Academy was an amazing school so I chose them. I can confirm that it is a wonderful school and that you won't regret taking part in their programs !
We had amazing teachers. They were very clear and easy to understand while and teaching us Japanese. The staff was friendly and helpful in many ways explaining how the use transportation, providing good accommodation and holding fun activities. It was so pleasant to be surrounded by open minded people from different backgrounds. We all became friends and I miss them so much.
I definitely recommend this program for anyone wanting to learn Japanese in Japan ! I am coming back as soon as possible !

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Yes, I recommend this program

Improvement beyond expectation

I always knew I would learn Japanese someday. I dreamed of traveling to Japan ever since middle school and I finally realised my dream! I started taking some Japanese classes at uni, but it wasn't enough and I wasn't improving that much. With Meiji Academy, I really liked the private classes they offered. Even the group classes were only with three or four other students. It was way more efficient that my Japanese lessons at uni with more than 20 people! I found this school thanks to the Facebook page of my university because some other students took part in this programme before. It was a really good choice. I had a blast with those fantastic humans at Meiji Academy and my Japanese improved so much! Fukuoka is a brilliant place located on Kyushu. My best memory is the strawberry picking that the school organised. Strawberries are famous in Fukuoka and it was so yummy!!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Learning the Japanese language

Meiji Academy is a nice language school with people from all over the world. I made significant improvements while studying there. The atmosphere is perfect to stay focus on learning Japanese and enjoying Japan. The journey was tiring with a very long flight and a stop in Taiwan before arriving in Fukuoka, but it worth it!
We took part in some excursions and events with the school, which were a really good point. I think that language exchanges were the best activities. It was a good way to meet Japanese students and practice Japanese with natives. I would recommend you to take part in the activities organized by meiji because this is something you will remember forever!

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