CIEE Open Campus Block Cape Town, South Africa

Academics: 5
Support: 4
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 4

My study abroad experiences exceeded my expectations as each day I was able to continuously push myself outside of my comfort zone. Cape Town is known as the mother city and when I landed I was able to take in its breathtaking beauty and received welcomeness from many of the locals I encountered along the way. From attending classes to learn about the impact of apartheid in the country to going into the local community for Sunday lunch each conversation and interaction I had was enriching to my continuation of growing my intercultural competence. I was constantly able to gain knowledge about the country's historical background and engage in cultural traditions as I got to familiarize myself with the local community throughout my entire duration. With engagement in the local community, I continue to value the experiences and opportunities I got to have during my time abroad and continue to educate myself to value the rich history of Cape Town.

I have included a poem I wrote after my study abroad experience.

You’ll Always Have My Heart
Thank you Cape Town, South Africa CIEE
And thank you to me
For leaving my fears behind to travel to the mother city
Cape Town South Africa where the city and mountain coexist
And the eye can't resist
The moment my toes touched the grainy sand
I knew immediately that I was in the motherland
Where every cultural experience felt so natural to me
Is South Africa where I am meant to be
The locals no matter how short of the interaction say South Africa is where I belong
It makes me question when I go back to the states whether everything will feel so wrong
Cape Town has allowed me to grow into the person I always wanted to be
The woman whose spirit is allowed to be free
You see home for me can be anywhere where love and respect are always present
I dream of the spaces I enter and immediately feel content
For me, home is where you feel connected
In this study aboard journey thousands of miles away from family I feel collected
To know I will always have my family's support
Makes it easier to go to the next destination to learn about a new culture and gain a stamp on my passport
So to Cape Town thank you
For showing me home is anywhere I feel value

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