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You get more for every dollar when you study abroad with CIEE! Our high-quality programs include tuition, housing, on-site airport pick-up, field trips and cultural activities, 24/7 on-site professional staff, and automatic iNext insurance. There are no hidden charges or surprises when you arrive, and scholarships opportunities are available!
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Jan 20, 2022
Aug 04, 2023
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With a glorious climate and natural draws like Table Mountain and stunning beaches, it’s no wonder Cape Town is Africa’s number-one tourist destination. Day and night, this multicultural city offers much to do: water sports, mountaineering, nightclubs, and restaurants. As a microcosm of many African countries in transition, Cape Town also illuminates the issues of joining the global economy while grappling with vast socioeconomic inequalities born from its colonial and apartheid heritage.

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  • CIEE Cape Town is located in the Rondebosch district, near the University of Cape Town campus.
  • Day and night, this multicultural city offers much to do: water sports, mountaineering, nightclubs, and restaurants.
  • Receive more than you give by participating in an Impact Project in a local community or giving your time on a weekly basis by tutoring students, working with health and medical organizations.
  • Depending on their program of study and availability, students may be able to volunteer or participate in an internship.
  • Do Cape Town on your own terms by customizing your experience through the Open Campus program. Take one, two, or three six-week blocks, select your academic track from six options, then choose your courses from a wide range of subject areas.

Popular Programs

CIEE Cape Town Summer Programs

Cape Town is Africa’s most popular destination for many reasons, starting with its glorious climate and natural attractions.Earn credits in Cape Town this summer exploring South African literature and film; the history of protests and social movements; and the historical, political, and economic transitions of South Africa.

CIEE Cape Town Summer Programs

Cape Town serves as a commercial and industrial entry point to Africa and houses regional headquarters for many companies, nonprofits, and NGOs. Take your arts and sciences studies a step further with study abroad in Cape Town exploring the wonders of nature while learning about South African society.

CIEE Cape Town January Programs

Earn credits in Cape Town this January and witness the incredible changes taking place in this vibrant country. January in Cape Town features the course, From Rhodes to Mandela and from Apartheid to AIDS.

Cape Town landmark

With CIEE's Open Campus Block Programs, you can design your very own study abroad program to include up to three different locations for 6, 12 or 18 weeks.

Stay in one city the entire time or spend other blocks at our other Open Campus Block locations in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dublin, Kyoto, London, Madrid, Monteverde, Paris, Rome, Shanghai, Singapore, or Sydney.



CIEE Scholarships and Grants

CIEE’s need-based grants offer support to students who face financial barriers to studying abroad. CIEE awards need-based grants based on students’ EFCs and program selection. The Gilman Go Global Grant offers students $750-$2,000 toward airfare, plus $2,500 toward semester program costs, or $1,000 toward summer program costs.

$500 - $2,500

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  • Support 4.3
  • Fun 4.6
  • Housing 4.85
  • Safety 4
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Yes, I recommend this program

internship abroad: you have to do it!

Interning in South Africa has been an amazing experience. jean and joe (the current supervisors of the global internship were amazing). The people, the diversity, the natural beauty --- everything has been wonderrful. It is such a more meaningful experience then you would find in Europe. Cape Town is a wealth divided city with a beautiful history, a million and one activities to do, and people who are just so kind. Link to my blog - https://www.ciee.org/go-abroad/college-study-abroad/blog/interning-township-prepare-be-unprepared

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Yes, I recommend this program

South Africa Experience

I never would have imagined myself to be 21 years old, exploring South Africa with an amazing group of new friends, all while working a truly incredible internship. I went into this program not knowing anyone. I was so happy when I arrived and was greeted by some of the kindest people I had ever met. I truly made some life long friends during my trip. I was able to intern at a publishing firm called Modjaji Books during my time in Africa. Not only did this enhance my resume, but I also found my love for publishing. My summer abroad in Cale Town truly changed my life.

  • Experiencing a new culture
  • Meeting new friends
  • Great food
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Yes, I recommend this program

Can't Beat It!

I was apart of CIEE's Open Campus Program in Cape Town, South Africa. I did 2 blocks in Cape Town, and they were the most enlightening, exciting, and unique 12 weeks of my life! Going abroad anywhere can be scary, especially in a third world country where the crime rates aren't very comforting. However, CIEE does an amazing job at providing the right resources and information so that as soon as you step foot off the plane, you feel comfortable and welcomed. Not only did CIEE provide transportation from the airport to the housing accommodations, they also organized an introductory seminar and orientation to give us the lay of the land (how to get places, who to contact in an emergency, certain areas to stay away from, certain areas that are recommended, and so much more). Ever since Day 1, the CIEE staff was attentive and responsive, and was at our beck and call every second of everyday. If it was 8pm and I needed a restaurant recommendations, I contacted a CIEE staff member. If it was 6am and I needed a recommendation on where to go for a hike, I contacted a CIEE staff member. If I was feeling sick and wanted to go see a doctor, I contacted a CIEE staff member. They are ALWAYS there to help and guide you through the best semester of your life!

  • Beautiful Nature
  • Allows you to step outside of your comfort zone
  • Cheap cost of living!
  • Not extremely safe in some areas
  • Beggars on the street are very persistent!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Lovely experience to engage and grow

During my semester abroad in Cape Town, I connected with the people, place, and culture in many different ways. I was able to pick up quite a bit of Sesotho (a Bantu language), go hiking and see the city from multiple perspectives and find daytivities to stimulate my mind. You can go to places like clay cafe, and do artsy activities or food jams to take a cooking class. Food was definitely one of my favorite aspects, the restaurants made me more adventurous. I hadn't tried ostrich, squid, snoek, springbok until I got there. I also love the aquila safari. beautiful city and people.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Abroad Experience

Open Campus Blocks in Cape Town were amazing because there was a great mix of educational experiences and fun everyday. I only had class Monday and Wednesday but I learned so much and it truly opened my eyes to how ignorant I was to other cultures. All the CIEE planned events were a blast like surfing, cooking, hiking and more. We were able to travel on our own and see animals on a safari, bungee jump, swim and go on boats. The weather is amazing and beach weather everyday. The Campus Key Rosebank housing was clean and cultivated a community. Our program would hang out on our balcony every night and we go very close. The conversion rate is inexpensive, allowing us to do any activity we wanted because everything was so cheap. With mountains, beaches and a city you can never get bored!

  • Educational, opens your eyes to another countries history
  • Outdoorsy: beaches, hikes
  • Cheap
  • Classes do not follow syllabus, different from US
  • Lots oof homeless people, can be dangerous
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Yes, I recommend this program

CIEE Open Campus Block Cape Town, South Africa

My study abroad experiences exceeded my expectations as each day I was able to continuously push myself outside of my comfort zone. Cape Town is known as the mother city and when I landed I was able to take in its breathtaking beauty and received welcomeness from many of the locals I encountered along the way. From attending classes to learn about the impact of apartheid in the country to going into the local community for Sunday lunch each conversation and interaction I had was enriching to my continuation of growing my intercultural competence. I was constantly able to gain knowledge about the country's historical background and engage in cultural traditions as I got to familiarize myself with the local community throughout my entire duration. With engagement in the local community, I continue to value the experiences and opportunities I got to have during my time abroad and continue to educate myself to value the rich history of Cape Town.

I have included a poem I wrote after my study abroad experience.

You’ll Always Have My Heart
Thank you Cape Town, South Africa CIEE
And thank you to me
For leaving my fears behind to travel to the mother city
Cape Town South Africa where the city and mountain coexist
And the eye can't resist
The moment my toes touched the grainy sand
I knew immediately that I was in the motherland
Where every cultural experience felt so natural to me
Is South Africa where I am meant to be
The locals no matter how short of the interaction say South Africa is where I belong
It makes me question when I go back to the states whether everything will feel so wrong
Cape Town has allowed me to grow into the person I always wanted to be
The woman whose spirit is allowed to be free
You see home for me can be anywhere where love and respect are always present
I dream of the spaces I enter and immediately feel content
For me, home is where you feel connected
In this study aboard journey thousands of miles away from family I feel collected
To know I will always have my family's support
Makes it easier to go to the next destination to learn about a new culture and gain a stamp on my passport
So to Cape Town thank you
For showing me home is anywhere I feel value

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Yes, I recommend this program

Open Campus Spring Semester in Cape Town!!

CIEE Open Campus program allowed me to spend a life changing 6 weeks in Cape Town. With the night life, mountains, city, and the beach all within a mile of each other, this location had endless things to do. Classes were not overwhelming and instructors/ program coordinators organized outside environment trips, which really helped us students learn about Cape Town on a deeper level. I took two STEM classes online that counted towards my biology major and public health minor. Although it was online, my class had other CIEE students in different locations around the world, so I was able to hear so many different perspectives. Hearing about the in person class experiences, other students had life changing discussions that changed the way people viewed life. CIEE housed Open Campus students with Arts & Sciences students and also students that were going to the nearby university UCT. As a student oriented neighborhood, groceries, restaurants, cafes are all walkable and provides a perfect opportunity to be able to immerse yourself in the culture. Cape Town gets a bad rep for crime, but everyone is really friendly. Just like every other new location of travel, being smart and aware of your surrounds is all you need to do. Cape Town with CIEE is a hidden gem that I am so happy I found and I hope to reveal its wonders to everyone!

  • hiking
  • beaches
  • friendly people
  • petty crime
  • having to drive everywhere
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Yes, I recommend this program

Cape Town 2022!

I have absolutely loved my time here in Cape Town. CIEE has been awesome in providing us with amazing opportunities to see the city and succeed in our academics. I have made great friends here and will cherish these memories for a lifetime. UCT is challenging but manageable if you budget your time wisely. There is so much to do here you will never get bored. I personally have loved the hiking, surfing, soccer, and diving. If you are adventurous, love the outdoors, and willing to take a risk Cape Town is the place for you.

  • Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Diving
  • Pickpocketing
  • No car
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