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I initially applied with Gone2Korea for a job in Seoul in the EPIK program but after speaking with their coordinators I decided to pursue a job at a private language school instead, mostly because I was told it's hard (almost impossible) to land a public school job in Seoul these days (something I heard from numerous people). I was a little disappointed at first but after a million questions and numerous changes of heart, I decided to take the private school route which is something Gone2Korea specializes in. I'm glad I did because they managed to set me up with a job exactly where I wanted to be, something that wouldn't have be possible had I gone with EPIK.

I accepted a job at a school in Seoul called ECC which is a big program, so I'm told, with lots of branches in Seoul and Gyeonggi. My working schedule seems pretty normal compared to the other jobs I looked at, I teach for 5-6 hours a day Monday through Friday. Some of the people I've met who work at different schools say they teach for 6 hours a day, sometimes more, so I'm not complaining!

Most importantly, I absolutely love my location, my co-workers and my students. My director is 'all business' but he's nice enough and doesn't seem to be involved with the teachers anyways, we have a female office manager who deals with all the teachers and she's wonderful!

Full marks to my Gone2Korea coordinator, she was incredibly patience, responsiveness and a pleasure to work with. Our correspondence was mostly over email but I had a few calls with her at the very beginning and again right before I departed. Our emails were usually casual but on point which made things enjoyable and relieved some of the pressure I was feeling, especially during the visa application and while I was getting ready to depart. My experience with Gone2Korea was nothing short of excellent, they made me feel like a valued customer from the moment I applied to the time I arrived which was 5 months later!

I would definitely recommend Gone2Korea to anyone looking for private school teaching jobs in Korea. They were outstanding and you won't be disappointed!!!

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