Great experience, but would change some things

Benefits: 8
Support: 4
Fun: 7
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

I would go teach in Ecuador again in a heartbeat. I had an amazing time, people were great, I made some great friends, and had some great adventures.

Now for LanguageCorps: It's not worth the money. If you have extra cash lying around, and you are not interested in doing much work yourself, go for it. Otherwise, I suggest looking up TOEFL certificate programs independently. The cost of the school that I went to was 1,600 if I did not do it through LanguageCorps. It was 3,000 with them. So let's examine where that extra 1,400 went?

There was information before I left provided for me - guidance on the visa process, etc. I still had to do all the paperwork myself (medical vaccinations, police background checks, etc). There was housing when I got there, including meals. This was great that it was set up for me, but I moved out as quickly as I could, because I found (easily) an international hostel in the center of town for only 180/month (which is a bit expensive for what it is, but it's somewhere to start). They did not have job search support, other than a list of places to try. I had to find the jobs myself - I recommend a private school as they pay much better, especially for foreigners. Also, remember that private lessons are flexible, easy extra cash - a $30 advertisement in the newspaper will pay for itself in 3 or 4 lessons.

Bottom line: $1,400 is about 2 1/2 months of more than comfortable living in Ecuador - something I would have loved to have back when I was wishing I could stay longer.

If money is no issue, don't worry about it. If you want your hard earned savings to go toward living and experiencing another country and culture, do it yourself. Be a little adventurous!

Happy travels!!

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