Experience of a lifetime!!

Academics: 7
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 7

I studied abroad with CEA spring of 2012 and I did the liberal arts program at the Global Campus. My experience was amazing. I never thought that I would learn so much about myself, the U.S. and the Argentine culture!
I stayed in Eldita's residencia which was the perfect fit for me. It was the perfect balance between homestay and dorm. I was surrounded by tons of friends, yet I could go into the kitchen and talk to Elda in spanish for hours if I wanted to. Elda doesn't speak any english so in order to communicate with her you have to speak spanish.
Some of my favorite things that I did in Argentina was the Iguazu Falls trip that we went on with CEA. It is probably the most beautiful "natural" place that I have ever seen. I also traveled to Salta, Mendoza, and a little into Patagonia. Traveling around is pretty easy in Argentina, so I definitely recommend it.
The Argentine culture is beautiful, and the food is AMAZING. We would go to "asados" which were all you can eat meat grill-outs. And you haven't had a good steak until you have hard Argentine beef! Buenos Aires is beautiful and the culture is so rich. Try to learn as much about the "dirty war," as you can; it is fascinating.
The staff on site are AMAZING! Anything that you could possibly need, they will take care of for you. I ended up getting really sick and one of the staff members took me to the doctor personally. It's not a secret how much they care about their students and it is nice to have a family away from the U.S. I am actually still in contact with some of the staff.
I highly recommend this program, and I really hope that you don't focus on the money or the semester that you won't be at home. It is TOTALLY worth it and if I were not graduating in May, I would study abroad again..no JOKE. I made some great friends that I have already traveled to Boston to see...this truly is a life-changing event.
GO WITH CEA, you won't be disappointed!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would