I highly recommend this program!

Benefits: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Facilities: 4
Safety: 5

Aspiring ESL teachers face many difficulties in pursuing their passion to teach the English language. The two most significant obstacles are finding suitable employment and properly adapting to the host country where they are teaching. Teach Away was extremely helpful in mitigating both of these difficulties and granting me the peace of mind to focus on teaching as opposed to logistics. The coordinators and staff were exceptionally helpful in preparing me adequately for the experience and were highly enthusiastic in addressing all of my concerns as a first time ESL teacher.

From the moment I landed in the UAE to the end of my placement, I had a fantastic time. I had the opportunity to teach English to eager students in Abu Dhabi and was aided throughout the process by the support and resources of the school staff. I received a lot of support from the Teach Away staff whenever I had an inquiry and having your housing covered allows you a lot of flexibility with how you use your income. Abu Dhabi offers a fantastically rich social experience as well which is made even more convenient by the lower price of living. By both experiencing the culture of the city as well as frequently benefitting from the expertise of the Teach Away staff, I was better able to connect with my students and provide for them a more beneficial experience as well.

I cannot adequately represent how beneficial this experience was to me as a new ESL teacher. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels strongly about teaching English as a second language but has yet to find the support of an agency who feels just as strongly. Thanks Teach Away for allowing me to pursue my passion.

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