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Are you a professional educator seeking a world-class teach abroad experience?

Be part of one of the most exciting education reforms in the world, earn a lucrative international salary, and receive a generous benefits package teaching Math, Physics, English, Chemistry, Business, P.E. or ICT subjects to Grades 8 - 12 or Early Years/Kindergarten!

In this role, teachers will be instructing Emirati students in Early Years or Grades 8 to 12 or early years learners. The successful candidates will teach with an emphasis on engaging students with demonstrations and class participation.

A TEFL certificate will get you noticed by hiring schools in the United Arab Emirates. Earn your TEFL certification online from the world-renowned University of Toronto or International House Berkeley.

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Popular Programs

UAE Government Schools

The vision of the UAE Government Schools is to prepare students for a productive life in a dynamic world to ensure sustainable development for the UAE society. Teachers at the UAE Government Schools are part of a workforce that utilizes the best resources to accomplish sustainable development and improvement in their students' lives.

Emirates National Schools

Emirates National Schools campuses are located across the country. Teachers are offered a highly competitive salary and benefits package as well as the opportunity to live in a nation featuring ultramodern architecture and a multicultural society composed of individuals from all over the globe.

Questions & Answers

Hi there! Thank you for your question. At the moment, we do not have any UAE partners that are seeking Commerce teachers.

Hi Justin, Currently there are 1185 vacancy listings on teachaway in a variety of subjects including - but not limited to - computer science, early english, creative design, physics, and biology,

Hi Angelia! The current vacancies with UAE Government Schools begin in August 2019 but there is one opportunity (for Biology Teachers) that began in March and is still looking to hire.

I've worked in the computer field for over 30 yrs; desktop support, network and surveillance. My DOB is 09/02/1959, I just turned 59.


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Yes, I recommend this program

my Review

this program overall is amazing. ive learned so many new thing that i use now in my every day life. Working with different types of people in multi-diverse working environment. Contribution to company appreciate at certain levels .Flexi hours. Being on the road most of the time gives opportunity to unwind. Great opportunity to learn about various cultures in one place. Able to learn your strengths and areas for growth in an international space. Can be ever changing so not for those that like constants and stability. Working in the Middle East was a wonderful experience. The people were very kind, the students were very obedient and their parents were very supportive.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Making a difference!

I have been a teacher in the UK for five years now and was wanting to expand my horizons. I had always been interested in teaching overseas but I wanted to make sure I found a place that was the right fit for me and my goals as an Educator. This program really aligned with that! I love being a part of the reform in the UAE and seeing that every effort, every day is making an impact on the education in this amazing location! Teach Away actually contacted me immediately after I signed up and helped me from walking me through the documents I needed for the visa process, issuing me my flight ticket!! and setting up my point of contact at the airport. I always feel supported and never alone. They even contacted me after I arrived to make sure everything was going well! I wouldn't be here without them and all the guidance they gave me.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Professional and Supportive

Teach Away has been professional throughout the process of applying for a teaching job in the UAE. The support has been tremendous and my coordinator has kept in touch and informed me on each step of the process. I have not arrived in the UAE as of yet, but many of my colleagues are there and have only shared positive feedback with me.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Not without problems

Well, I can't say my teaching started off on the right foot here in Dubai. This secondary school is a little unorganized and lacking of some key resources - um, paper anyone? But at least my coordinator at Teach Away informed me of what I could expect, so I prepared some materials to bring along which have helped me get through this rough spot without much issue. I guess that's just part of teaching internationally - rolling with the punches that is.

Other than the unorganized manner of the school and staff, they are trying to improve. And my Teach Away coordinator has been there to support me any time I had a query, or even a breakdown *sob*

But I have now learned to love my post, which has been a great achievement with thanks to Teach Away.

What would you improve about this program?
Oops, I guess I included my critical feedback above.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Job :)

I'm teaching at a private school in Sharjah. Teach Away gave me all the information I needed to help make my transition here an easy and simple one. Of course, there is a language barrier, but that's something I was prepared for. I was even given resources prior to my departure to help bridge the language gap.

What would you improve about this program?
There's plenty of personalized support. Sometimes though, I felt as if I was getting support from too many sources - I guess that's not a bad thing, but maybe I just wanted sometimes for one person to walk me through the entire process.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Nothing but praise

I've taught overseas in the past without any real assistance. This time, I decided to go a different route and went through an agency - Teach Away. They walked me through the entire process and taught me things I didn't think of the first time I taught abroad. Now, I'm teaching kids in Abu Dhabi and love it! The school staff are great! The weather is nice and hot, and it's always sunny! Thanks, Teach Away! :)

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing I can really think of is having a rep at the airport from Teach Away. Of course, school representatives did meet me, but it would be great to meet my coordinator :)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic Experience

Teaching in Abu Dhabi had been a dream of mine for years. From the moment I applied to Teach Away, I knew that I had someone on my side. My coordinator was informative, polite and helpful throughout the process. I was provided with extensive support and resources at every step of the way. Teach Away prepared me well for the entire application process and even for the move to Abu Dhabi.

From the moment I stepped off the airplane in Abu Dhabi, I was not alone. I was met at the airport, attended an orientation and quickly met other international teachers. My students were happy and excited to learn English, and I was able to exercise my creativity muscles in my lesson planning. This experience has helped me to grow not only as an educator, but as a citizen in a global community. I could not have done it without Teach Away.

What would you improve about this program?
I had to fly to my in-person interview, although it was well worth the trip.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I highly recommend this program!

Aspiring ESL teachers face many difficulties in pursuing their passion to teach the English language. The two most significant obstacles are finding suitable employment and properly adapting to the host country where they are teaching. Teach Away was extremely helpful in mitigating both of these difficulties and granting me the peace of mind to focus on teaching as opposed to logistics. The coordinators and staff were exceptionally helpful in preparing me adequately for the experience and were highly enthusiastic in addressing all of my concerns as a first time ESL teacher.

From the moment I landed in the UAE to the end of my placement, I had a fantastic time. I had the opportunity to teach English to eager students in Abu Dhabi and was aided throughout the process by the support and resources of the school staff. I received a lot of support from the Teach Away staff whenever I had an inquiry and having your housing covered allows you a lot of flexibility with how you use your income. Abu Dhabi offers a fantastically rich social experience as well which is made even more convenient by the lower price of living. By both experiencing the culture of the city as well as frequently benefitting from the expertise of the Teach Away staff, I was better able to connect with my students and provide for them a more beneficial experience as well.

I cannot adequately represent how beneficial this experience was to me as a new ESL teacher. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels strongly about teaching English as a second language but has yet to find the support of an agency who feels just as strongly. Thanks Teach Away for allowing me to pursue my passion.

What would you improve about this program?
Not as fun as Korea.