Unforgettable training, friends, and Phuket

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

The daily routine was fun and enjoyable. Despite a lot to remember, there is ample free time to study at your own pace. The ample support during lesson planning from the staff ensures success during the observed teaching in the afternoons. Overall, you won't find any better staff or learning environment!

I stayed at the nearby hotel instead of above the TEFL school. That was one of the greatest aspects of the course. You're two blocks from the school with an excellent and friendly restaurant between the two locations. Many fellow "TEFLers" will be staying at the hotel as well, and by the pool over a beer you can help out one another, swap stories, or plan spontaneous trips into Phuket Town.

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Yes, I would
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