Be a doer, not a talker!

Content: 8
Engagement: 10
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Platform: 9
Value: 10

I worked for 13 years in sports stores and never left Australia. I studied TEFL so I could enjoy teaching children and also see Europe. Everyone thought I was crazy to choose Moscow, Russia as I planned to leave Australia permanently. My work is safe as I started tutoring a wealthy family and now work exclusively for them. We regularly travel internationally, eat well and all at no expense to me. How many jobs can you go to France, Monaco, U.K, Latvia and Italy (several times) in 5 star hotels and not pay a cent (apart from shopping for yourself)!!! You are not limited to working in a school, though with this qualification, the door is really open to what you can do. Resources can be difficult to find at times, but so many people are happy to use an ipad and apps for learning, so it makes things easier. This place is fast, busy, and huge (15 million population in 1 city). It is worth the trip.

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Yes, I would