Affordable and Incredible!

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 9

I travelled this past summer to Kenya through ELI abroad and can say nothing but fantastic comments about the ELI staff and my Kenyan experience. ELI worked efficiently to place me at a school and community center in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya where I worked for 6 weeks. ELI arranged for my living arrangements (with a great Kenyan house mom), pickup at the Nairobi airport, and placement for work. ELI made the process of volunteering abroad incredibly smooth and they were in contact with me while I was working in Kenya as well. I worked almost full time at my school in any capacity that was needed, whether it be teaching, cooking, cleaning or visiting the families of our students. The highlight of my Kenyan experience would definitely be the staff and children of my school who I became very close with. Many weekends I would travel with other volunteers or newly made Kenyan friends to different regions of Kenya. From Maasai Mara, to Mt. Kenya, to Mombasa, Kenya has a wealth of natural beauty that should not be missed! Night life in Kenya was very fun, and oh boy can those Kenyan men dance! I definitely recommend volunteering kenya and working with ELI to do so. This was definitely the best summer of my life!

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Yes, I would