TEFL Course Review

Benefits: 4
Support: 4
Fun: 4
Facilities: 4
Safety: 5

This intensive course was very timely, and provided me with new opportunities to advance my teaching career. I was one of two students who was native to the United States, and I was the only one truly born here. The other classmates were a lot of fun, and we worked well together. I most enjoyed working with the students that came to the center, and being able to teach them English. I realized through this course that I really enjoy teaching English to adults. I already had experience teaching children. I learned how to work with other students trying to accomplish the same end results. I quickly discovered how much information I was receiving for such a short course. The self-reflections were long, but worth it. And lesson planning was fun, and afforded many opportunities to be creative. However, after completing the course, I was expecting more help with job placement from ITTT and I have received very little help. I have some links, but mostly, they seem to be links to other schools providing the same/similar TEFL certification courses. I do hope to secure a TESL/TEFL job soon enough, but I do need some help in where to look, and what schools are the best, both locally and abroad. I am especially interested in Latin America. I am grateful to have had this opportunity.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed