Intensive means INTENSIVE!

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Wow! - I sure do understand the meaning if intensive now! The work load is phenomenal and it doesn't feel as though there is going to be enough time to absorb what is being taught - and basically there ISNT! That said, it is surprising just how much you DO take on board in class - and for the whole 4 weeks there is no time to do anything else. Depending on where you live also, it will take time to commute to and from the place of study (which incidentally was advertised at being in London Bridge - but turned out to be in Stepney Green, East London!) My commute was a 3 hour daily round trip, making working on assignments go well into the early hours of the morning, sometimes until 3am! - and with a 6.30am alarm call, this really isn't a lot of sleep.
The venues itself was at the back of a shipping company shop front, and although by no means a college, the two classrooms were bright spacy and clean. Only one toilet, no space for eating in a canteen type area though local shops and restaurants are on the doorstep. No quiet areas for study - the classroom space is offered - but too many distractions make it almost impossible to get any work done. That said, there is a library nearby which you can join and study in - though I heard it was also rather noisy in there too!!!!
Our tutor Paulina was fantastic - very knowledgeable and professional. Usually very happy to help - though sometimes I felt as though I couldn't always ask questions at any time, as there were so many things to get through, and Paulina did here best to get through to everyone as best she could. She made us feel very welcome and the dynamic of our group were was excellent.

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