Intrax Berlin

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 9

The time I spent in Berlin was invaluable to both my personal and professional life. Through the experience provided by Intrax, I felt very comfortable in a foreign setting. Further, my friends at Intrax gave me the necessary guidance and tools to succeed in my internship.

The internship itself was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. Intrax made sure that it was a perfect fit for me in terms of bolstering my academic career. In doing so, I was in a position in which I could, and would, be encouraged to take on challenges and learn new skills. With this in mind, my work experience over the 3 months I had in Berlin was project oriented, and I was able to contribute directly to the firm at which I interned. My focus was in finance, and I was fortunate to learn a great deal of functional skill that is worthy of both being put on a resume, as well as being very helpful in an academic setting.

Aside from the internship experience, Intrax also accommodated everyone in the program very well with respect to the general living experience. In Berlin, our friends at Intrax were very effective at getting us acclimated to the city. They did so by taking us on tours of the city, organizing events for us, and maintaining constant communication with us. In short, Intrax made it very easy for all of us to feel welcome in the program.

The program that Intrax offers is a truly phenomenal experience. It helps you grow very much as an individual, from both a personal and career-oriented perspective. Berlin is such an amazing city for the college demographic. It is an incredibly diverse city (with a fantastic nightlife), it is very easily navigable, and is forgiving for those who do not speak German. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking a fun, educational, independent, and stimulating experience.

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