two weeks in Wagusu (Lake Victoria)

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 8
Value: 6
Safety: 9

Having arrived in Bondo after a 10 hours bus ride from Nairobi, I was so happy to see Wilfred, the coordinater of the Wagusu children's program. His positive and welcoming attitude assured me of two interesting weeks to come. In the end my expectations were exceeded and I left Wagusu as a new person, a person who would try to appreciate more and stop taking things for granted. Despite the very basic living conditions, the children were amazing, also Emily, the teacher and Margarete, the good soul of the center. I spent time with them every day from 8am to 4pm and we did various things together. We played games, sang songs, learned English, built two football goals, washed the dishes, prepared food, cleaned our teeth, collected rubbish and shared many laughs. This part of the program really overwhelmed me, because I felt so much love, kindeness and appreciation. The second part of the program involved the community of Wagusu. I met the women's group and took part in a visit of the elderly. We cleaned their house, clothes and property and shared a meal with them. Of course, there was much singing, which I enjoyed a lot. I also visited one of the local schools and talked to the principal, teachers and students. School is so much different there. Furthermore, I visited one of the children's homes and shared a meal with the child's caretaker. That afternoon was particularly impressive to me. I also went to the lake to watch the fishermen, to the village to watch the people doing their daily business and to the goldmines, which puzzled me most. In the end, the people in Wagusu are very curious and it is interesting to talk to them in order to see how they live. To understand that is a start to discuss possible and necessary changes with them. Especially cleanliness, hygiene and traditional topics like marriage, childbirth etc. are essential to talk about, both to understand and to challenge their thinking. I am so pleased to have been in Wagusu for these two weeks and I am so happy to have this experince deep in my heart. I will share it with everyone I meet and I will not forget Wagusu and its people. I hope one day I will return and express my gratitude personally once more to Wilfred, Emily, Margarete, the children and Jacky, who runs this program amazingly good. ERUKA MANU !!!

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Yes, I would
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