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In one week we became a family; our curiosities, secrets, motives, and desires were served as catalysts to bonds typically reserved for months of interaction. With this family, I have experienced a blessing by a Buddhist monk at the Khao Tao temple and received a fortune reading. I have fed, hugged, and played with elephants. I have bagged food for over 2,000 rescued dogs. I have cooked Pad Thai and spring rolls. I have eaten deep fried frog. I have had wordless conversations. I have been waved at by school children. I have been clapped at for taking my shoes off as I enter a building. I have been smiled at as I bowed for the King passing by. I have trekked the beach at night. I have divulged my life to strangers.

I have a travel blog about this experience on this program, and have written somewhat extensively about everything on the Teach in Thailand program in the last 4 posts.

The link is:

It's a fair amount of reading. I go into fairly detailed descriptions of my situation. I have also been taking pictures since I arrived in Bangkok and am constantly adding to it on facebook.

Check it:…

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