Embraced Adventure and Changed lives

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I started from completely knowing nothing about teaching, and was second-guessing this opportunity to travel and teach at the same time. I decided to just go and see what I could do in Thailand. Knowing that I would be going with my best friend made it easier to decide to just go.

GeoVisions connected me through XploreAsia in Hua-Hin, Thailand, a very helpful agency that helped us get placed around Thailand without any fuss. Prior to flying out to Thailand, I completed the TEFL-C (120+ hours) which XploreAsia who was very helpful given the time difference!

Once our one-week course/introduction with XploreAsia, we were all beginning our placements in Thailand. My friend and I were placed in the same region (Suphanburi).

The first month of teaching was not easy for me as I had never taught in my life before even doing this and I felt horrible that I would not be an effective teacher. I felt isolated knowing only little Thai and could not really communicate any further than "hello". Then, I decided to toughen up and go through with it knowing that I will learn to become a better teacher over time and patience.

The next few months, I started learning the Thai language pretty well, and continued practice reading and writing it. After 6 months, I was able to speak, read and write Thai pretty well and wanted to continue learning it to the point of fluency. Parallel to that, I was getting much more relaxed in the classroom, I felt that I was becoming very effective towards my students and came up with games and activities that I would have never thought about doing months ago and I felt that I have developed an everlasting relationship with many of the locals in the town. Once I was finished, I had managed to accomplish so much as an individual in 8 months: I left my students in tears, the teachers that helped me become a better teacher/person, in tears, I also left my financial advisor in tears! How I have made such an impact did not hit me until the last day. Then, I told the school I will be coming back for one more year starting this May. They were quite surprised!

All I know is, after starting this journey, I had no idea I would enjoy this so much. I've learned a lot from the locals, the school and my agents that helped me through my stay. The impact that I have made had me want to sign on for another year to continue impacting those around me in a positive way. It all started with one-click on GeoVisions from searching through Google. The best part about teaching in a different part of the world is that you get to travel and expand your horizons and opportunities.

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