Great Time... Decent Schooling

Academics: 3
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

The shuttle service provided by the school was great, as was my on-site advisor. The location of the school and the apartment was awesome as well - but the academics within the school? Not as great. The teacher for the Fashion Design class was absolutely horrible. Not only for 50% of the time did he cancel class or fail to show up, he did zero teaching. It also happened to be the class that it seemed that the majority of us looked forward to - especially since it said in the syllabus that we would produce an article of clothing (which never happened) and the said majority of us were also most disappointed by. Also there seemed to be technical difficulties with the e-mails - I never once received an e-mail from any of my teachers, and therefore missed many classes due to the fact that the location for them kept changing. While it didn't really hamper my experience abroad, it's just an annoyance to bear in mind (though it might have just been unlucky me.) The students in the classes were from other programs and super friendly even though we were all from different parts of the world - the only awkward barrier there seemed to be was the Chinese students... Which was awkward for me due to the fact that I'm an American... Who is fluent in both Chinese and English. Overall, I had a great time despite the difficulties.

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