Amazing Experential Learning Opportunities

Academics: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

I enrolled in FUA's 1 year Publishing Career Program as a post undergraduate student from the US. Having had 6 internships in undergrad before my time at FUA, I was impressed but the professional opportunities FUA provided directly through my career program's structure. Aside from creating a published book for a prestigious Florentine company by the end of the program, FUA provided additional projects through their different departments to further professional experience gained including writing for and editing the school's semesterly magazine, volunteer opportunities within the community and seminars that focused on specific tracks.

FUA is located directly in the center of Florence, providing the ability to use the historical center as a muse and learning point for many of the artistic and history based classes taught at the school. My absolute favorite experience with the school was being able to eat at Ganzo, FUA's restaurant that also serves as a learning lab for some of their culinary students. The meals served there were always unique with a spin on classic Tuscan dishes. I never left Ganzo hungry. Some of the head chefs are Michelin star, so eating meals prepared by a teams of chefs under their supervision made the experience that much better. Ganzo also has one of the best and most affordable aperitivos in Florence.

Overall, I enjoyed my time from start to finish at FUA. I credit the school for my falling in love with Florence and know the work I produced there during my studies will impress those I share with back in the stated once I apply for jobs. I would recommend their programs to anyone looking to study in Florence, Italy.

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