Incredibly satisfied customer

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 6
Facilities: 9
Safety: 10

I must admit that I entered this course with little knowledge of what to expect. I had seen previous good reviews and I wanted to come out of the course with a job in Rome. I am now writing this as someone who is preparing to travel to Rome with a job as a teacher and feeling only slightly nervous about the challenge ahead. The course itself was well taught and good value for money. In my opinion the course excelled in a few ways. Firstly, the course content involved many hours of grammar, which not all course demand. However, I can't imagine how any teacher could be comfortable going into a classroom without the knowledge which this course teaches you, and it not only teaches you the grammar points but also how to teach them. Secondly, this course provided teaching experience, which is probably why I am only slightly nervous to being my new job. The teaching experience itself was varied and the feedback was well thought out and helped me to improve on my weaknesses as a teacher. Finally, the course provides help finding work, and I can truly say that without this course I would not be in the position I am now.

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