An amazing and unforgettable trip

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Value: 10
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Many of us don't realize how even the smallest thing can make someone's day. I traveled with VAW in the spring of 2014 to Panama and was left amazed by what I experienced. We traveled to about 6 different islands and set up mobile clinics to offer health services to those who are unable to afford it. We saw over 100 patients a day, with the majority being children and seeing the smiles that spread across their face when we said we had the medicine they needed was a feeling that nothing will ever overcome. Even when we ran out, they still thanked us for even trying as best as we could. It's great knowing that your effort and time is really appreciated, but it's even better knowing that you are doing some good in the world. To anyone interested, don't let the opportunity go. It is an experience that is truly unforgettable and one that you will forever remember.

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