Not a personal favorite

Academics: 6
Support: 4
Fun: 7
Housing: 7
Safety: 7

Overall I did not enjoy this program. I feel I should have went with another program. The application process for the University of Haifa was confusing. The application did not have a summer term or the classes USAC had listed on their website. I didn't get accepted to the program until 2 DAYS before the program started. The University of Haifa is very disorganized. I had no idea where to go. I was not taking language intensive classes. However, they put me with an Israeli roommate who did not speak English. I only took a class on terrorism, which was great! USAC says they offer tours which the University of Haifa sets up, no tours were offered. That upset me the most.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
Year Completed