The warm heart of Africa Malawi

Impact: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I spend 5 weeks working for help2kids in Malawi. It was a beautiful and wonderful time with so many amazing moment, which I'll never forget.

I assisted in Preschool class at the nursery in the morning and in the afternoon I had different projects such as teaching Intermediate English for adults, kids corner, computer class and many more.

My Highlights are the friendly people I met in Malawi. Every time I needed help I found someone who was willing to help me out. I had really difficulty to adjust back in Switzerland because the people here are not as friendly than in Malawi.

Every day the children walk me home from class, even it is out of the way. You need every finger on every hand to hold all of the children. They are always happy.

This program is great for all the people, who wants to do something good for the community. The local people, the staff, the volunteers are amazing. You work during the day but you have also a lot of free time. Time you can relax, read, watch movies, going to the beach....

I hope to go back soon. I miss Malawi and all the friendly people...

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