One of the best study abroad programs out there

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Whether you want to study abroad for a change of atmosphere, to experience a different culture, to explore and travel around, or to make new friends DIS has it all. Copenhagen is an awesome city, easy to get used too with lots of different places to visit. Academics are a great component with short and long traveling courses where you get to know other places in Denmark or in Europe while visiting field-related business, organizations, and sometimes museums and other fun stuff. While most of DIS students are Americans, dont have this discourage you, it also provides options like Host Families and a Buddy program to get to know other danes. DIS also offers some sweet events like sightseeing or beer/winetasting where youll have a good time and socialize with other DISers. Either way, youll certainly befriend other danes in bars or clubs as the night scene is pretty sweet too. The only thing that sucked was the winter, cold and very dark but youll get used to it. But once spring comes around its a whole different atmosphere, its like the whole city wakes up from hibernation and are out and about in the streets. The staff are super friendly and will help you with anything you need, they really care about every ones wellbeing. I honestly felt really safe there. Loved it, definitely would go back if I win this review contest.

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