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Copenhagen is one of the most livable cities in the world, where locals enjoy a high quality of life in a vibrant capital. On your way to class, you will be surrounded by a network of walking streets, canals lined with colorful houses, public gardens with castles, and spires dotting the skyline.

At DIS, ignite your love of learning, further your academic achievements, develop intercultural understanding, and acquire life skills essential for engaged citizenship. Discover Europe and meet the unexpected.

  • Pursue your Academic and Personal Goals: Choose a core course from 25 academic programs and select from over 250 upper-level elective courses. Your freedom of choice extends to your housing, where you apply for living arrangements that best fit you.
  • Academic Excellence: Intellectually stimulating courses challenge you to examine issues from various perspectives, as you debate, play, research, analyze, and reflect on contemporary topics and burning issues.
  • Experiential Learning: With an emphasis on hands-on learning experiences, you have opportunities to simulate real-life scenarios, make connections, and build your resume.
  • Europe as Your Classroom: Take your classroom on the road with two course-integrated, faculty-led study tours with your core course! Visit important sites and meet
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  • Academics 7.5
  • Support 8.9
  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9
  • Safety 9.6
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Definitely worth it

I studied with DIS in Spring of 2014.

Honestly, I didn't know what to expect. I was scrambling for study abroad choices the previous summer and by word of mouth I heard about this one. I applied because of its focus on environmental studies, and I am so glad I did.

While I was in Copenhagen, I stayed with a host family in Greve (suburb town SW of the city near Ishoj) and I commuted to the city every day via train and bike. I was intimidated by the thought of living with a host family, but DIS matched me well and my family and neighbors were very welcoming to me. I loved the whole living situation and, for someone who doesn't party much, it was perfect. Sure it may have been easier to have been in a kollegium near the city center, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything about my housing, including the commute.

For the semester I was enrolled in the Sustainability in Europe module with a core course of European Sustainable Development (that might have changed by now). What I liked most about DIS academics was that even though my classes weren't taught at Kobenhavns Universitet I was still taught by university professors. The topics were engaging, the professors' teaching methods were stimulating, and I was able to get a specific look into European environmental culture and management such as I hadn't been able to get at Berkeley.

Another reason I really enjoyed DIS was the field trips that were incorporated into the core courses (and some others). With my core course I was able to travel to Sweden and Germany, which I probably wouldn't have been able to do on my own just due to money. During the Easter break, I took part in "Czech Trek," where a group of us toured the "Bohemian Paradise" NE of Prague for a fun-filled couple of days. On my own time I traveled to Norway for half a week with friends from my classes and to Italy to see a relative.

Some advice:
Copenhagen really is a great diving board for the rest of Europe, if your main goal is traveling. Trains leaving from Copenhagen Central Station will take you just about anywhere in Europe. For air travel, RyanAir is your quintessential budget airline, but Norwegian is also a reliable airline and pretty cheap if you check far enough in advance.

I recognize I was pretty lucky to have some money set aside for doing outside travel like I did to Norway, Italy, and the DIS-sponsored Czech Trek. All three of these experiences were a big part of my overall enjoyment of the program, but I know it may have been a bit harder to explore more places if I didn't have the money. Some of my friends were going places like Amsterdam or Tallinn every weekend, but I couldn't do that cost.

The facilities of DIS are really nice, and I absolutely loved being in a city like Copenhagen to study.

If you're coming to Copenhagen for language study, fair warning on that. Most people in Copenhagen and Denmark know how to speak English, and they will gladly show you their skills even if you may want to converse in Danish. Since Danish doesn't have too many dialects (unlike English), it's much harder for them to understand your unperfected pronunciation of the words than it is for you to understand their pretty-good pronunciation of English. Also, when you sign up for a Danish class, DIS automatically places you in one of the basic Danish courses. Personally I'm good with languages, and I realized during the first class or so that it was going to be a slow semester with learning the language. I heard in passing there was a more advanced class generally only for year-long students. I pursued the matter, spoke with the teacher and DIS administration, and I was able to get into the course having no prior Danish experience. By doing that and practicing with my host family I was able to learn a lot more Danish than I would have done with the normal course.

I can't think of other stuff right now, but like everyone else I have tons of stories. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

If you want to read directly about some of my experiences, just check out this link and go back to Jan-May of 2014: http://celastrek.blogspot.com/

How can this program be improved?

I think it would have been nice to have had more social activities with my kommune. We had one in the beginning when we were just settling in, but aside from that there wasn't much. I remembered hearing stories from other kommunes about the get-togethers they had, and I tried to recreate that by visiting other students, but we did not have more officiated events. I recognize part of this is due to the kind of students who were in the kommunes, but perhaps there might be a way for DIS to make this more widespread. Perhaps they have already.

Yes, I recommend
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Completely Absorbed in Denmark

It wasn't until 3 am on the night before the last day that I actually processed the past three weeks of my incredible Denmark and DIS experience. At that point in time, I was on a paddleboat in the middle of one of Copenhagen's beautiful man-made canals with 6 of my new best friends, coming back to reality from a state of flow. I realized how completely absorbed I had been in the past three weeks from dancing the nights away in the local bars, studying happiness and positive psych, taking a study-tour to Scotland, flipping a kayak in the North Sea and starting our own flash mob. It truly shattered expectations and sparked my interest for international education and travel.

How can this program be improved?

DIS covered all of their bases. One improvement I would make would be to create more of a cultural experience in connecting directly with the Danish. Having a host family for a couple nights, going to a weekly dinner or traveling with the Danish on the weekend would, I believe, enhance and outstanding program.

Yes, I recommend
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The Danish Institute for Study Abroad is a very well program. The staff are helpful, organized, the faculty kind and intelligent. Copenhagen is a wonderful city with beautiful people and an amazing infrastructure and fantastic style. I would do the program again in a heartbeat.

How can this program be improved?

There is a housing option in a town called Trekroner...it is too remote and located on a university campus that DIS students dont ever interact with, so its isolating. l would suggest this option be changed and a better alternative is offered.

Yes, I recommend
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GREAT experience at DIS!

DIS was an extremely organized study abroad program. DIS helped me figure out my classes, housing, cell phones, travels, etc. which made the experience stress free. It was also a great program with a variety of really interesting classes. I loved my core program (Positive Psychology) and getting to go on study tours with my class. I still keep in close contact with my host family, who I know will be my family away from home for a lifetime. They've already been to the US to visit me twice!

How can this program be improved?

I can't think of anything I would change about DIS! It was really well put together and I think there was a perfect amount of exploration/travel time and classroom time.

Yes, I recommend
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One of the best study abroad programs out there

Whether you want to study abroad for a change of atmosphere, to experience a different culture, to explore and travel around, or to make new friends DIS has it all. Copenhagen is an awesome city, easy to get used too with lots of different places to visit. Academics are a great component with short and long traveling courses where you get to know other places in Denmark or in Europe while visiting field-related business, organizations, and sometimes museums and other fun stuff. While most of DIS students are Americans, dont have this discourage you, it also provides options like Host Families and a Buddy program to get to know other danes. DIS also offers some sweet events like sightseeing or beer/winetasting where youll have a good time and socialize with other DISers. Either way, youll certainly befriend other danes in bars or clubs as the night scene is pretty sweet too. The only thing that sucked was the winter, cold and very dark but youll get used to it. But once spring comes around its a whole different atmosphere, its like the whole city wakes up from hibernation and are out and about in the streets. The staff are super friendly and will help you with anything you need, they really care about every ones wellbeing. I honestly felt really safe there. Loved it, definitely would go back if I win this review contest.

How can this program be improved?

I dont know, it was pretty much awesome.

Yes, I recommend
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My experience at DIS was nothing short of life changing. I was able to immerse myself in true Danish culture in my everyday experiences from riding the train to class to trying new foods and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. DIS provides unique trips associated with your program of choice that integrates your classroom learning with real-world situations in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The professors bring vast knowledge of their field of expertise into the classes they teach and challenge you to broaden your understanding of the world. The highlight of my study abroad semester was living with a Danish host family. They, as well as the friends I made in the program, made me feel as though Denmark was my home.

How can this program be improved?

Although the academics were challenging in a good way, it would have been nicer if the workload of the courses were lightened a bit. Being abroad makes it harder to focus on schoolwork when there is so much to discover about the new country you live in.

Yes, I recommend
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DIS is Amazing

While I have only done one semester studying abroad, I have doubts that any program could beat DIS. Everything is so organized and the people are a blast, it would be near impossible not to love DIS. Copenhagen is a great place to live and it also has an airport and flights that allow you to travel just about anywhere in Europe you want to go. I even flew to Istanbul directly from Copenhagen. DIS makes sure you are taken care of every step of the way, they organize your visa plan awesome field trips for classes, and offer awesome adventure trips. Studying abroad with DIS was the best experience of my life.

How can this program be improved?

I would change the length of the program to make it longer.

Yes, I recommend
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A great way to study and travel abroad

I really enjoyed my semester abroad in Denmark through DIS. I lived outside of Copenhagen with a mixture of American and Danish students. The classes DIS offered were interesting and our class trip to Scotland was amazing. They really do a great job to help you see and do as much as possible! I would recommend this program to anyone.

Yes, I recommend
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good program if it fits your personality and goals

I participated in the Psychology and Child Development program in the Fall of 2007 (so long ago, already!) and overall, I had a very positive experience. I appreciated that DIS gave students a range of housing choices and my host family situation plus my boernehave practicum placement really made my experience worthwhile.

One area in which I felt disappointment was the academics. On the one hand, I really appreciated the integrated classroom-practicum experience I wouldn't have gotten in the U.S., (especially working with 3- and 4-year-olds with whom not speaking Danish was not an option, which always created a fun challenge!) On the other hand, DIS specifically marketed itself as a program with a strong academic offering, but coming from a top-tier private college in the United States, the level of difficulty was clearly a step down from what I was used to. I would have also liked more intensive Danish language classes - for many foreign students they were frivolous, but for anyone in regular contact with young children, they're essential.

Socially, while I bonded quickly with my host family and the staff and children at my boernehave, as a bookish introvert I had trouble identifying with many of my peers, who seemed mostly upper-middle-class and most interested in drinking. I was reminded of how fortunate it was that my college's generous financial aid program covered the cost of this experience or else I would not have been able to afford to go. It still felt a bit awkward, though, as I struggled to budget something into the "travel break" since there weren't any events or services built-in to cater to students who stayed behind because they couldn't afford to travel around Europe.

As I think back on my experience, I'm a little disappointed I didn't choose a more adventurous location - this is a really good program for students who are looking for something a bit more exotic than London but not so exotic that they have to adapt too much to a different language or culture - a good choice, perhaps, for someone who's never left the United States. Copenhagen is safe, beautiful and relatively buttoned-down as well as very expensive.

How can this program be improved?

I would have required all PCD students to take an intensive Danish course in order to be able to communicate (at least rudimentarily) with the children at their practicum sites. For those who learned no Danish, to me it largely seemed a waste of time.

Yes, I recommend
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DIS Review

I am having a great time in Copenhagen. DIS makes it so easy to get involved in cultural immersion activities. I am playing soccer on a danish club team and loving getting a chance to interact with Danes. Classes are interesting and really try to expand learning to outside of the classroom which I really appreciate. The city of copenhagen is amazing. Its safe and clean and very simple. Everything just flows very naturally. Some of the highlights of my trip have been playing on the Danish soccer team, and biking around copenhagen. Everyone bikes in Copenhagen. Its awesome. I love it. The Danes are very friendly and definitely love to go out!

Yes, I recommend

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