St. Catherine's College, Oxford

Academics: 10
Support: 7
Fun: 8
Housing: 7
Safety: 10

Obviously, studying at Oxford was academically rigorous. This isn't going to be your typical study abroad experience! While many of my peers refunded from their study abroad experiences with stories of their ABUNDANT free time, I came back with a bag filled with essays and a mind filled with knowledge. Through Arcadia, I experienced an authentic Oxford education-- I lived on campus with other students, studies in the Radcliffe Camera, and drank at the local historic pubs that all became familiar. Oxford, itself, is absolutely breathtaking and walking to and from lectures was like walking through history. You will be held to the same standards as the matriculated students, but if you have a sense of discipline, you'll be able to work during the days and have your evenings and weekends free to socialize and travel. The program provided a wonderful orientation in London. Though I wish we had had more contact throughout my stay, they were very responsive and supportive whenever I reached out to them. If you're thinking of traveling abroad and you want to challenge and surprise yourself, there is no better place than the "city of dreaming spires." Good luck!

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