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Mar 30, 2023
Jan 19, 2023
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About Program

If you want to study, intern or conduct research in the most popular place for U.S. study abroad students, Arcadia Abroad in England & Wales is for you! Arcadia offers an array of program options, from a semester or summer studying or interning under the auspices of our flagship London Center, to university programs both in London - and further afield - that cater to every major and interest. Our expert England team ensures you’ll arrive well-prepared for British life and will soon feel at home as they invite you to delve into the history, architecture, communities, and traditions. Programs from several weeks to a full academic year are available.

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Program Highlights

  • Arcadia excursions enhance cultural immersion and provide meaningful context
  • Internship and independent research opportunities available
  • Arcadia Abroad has offered study abroad programs in England since 1965
  • Learn with experts and use the city and the landscape as your classroom
  • A full range of co-curricular programming and comprehensive student support

Popular Programs

Tower Bridge, London

Arcadia Abroad has worked with both local faculty and partner institutions in London to create an array of Center-based and direct enrol courses to enable you to take what you need while abroad to satisfy major requirements and graduate on time. You can choose to study within a familiar American university system by taking all your courses at the Arcadia London Center or you can mix our courses with electives chosen from a select group of London partner institutions.

Arcadia London Internship

Engage with London as a professional and a student. London is one of the most dynamic global capitals in which to get real world work experience! Placements range from business organizations to the arts, non-governmental organizations and politics, along with opportunities in areas of entrepreneurship, psychology, and law.

London, UK

Summer courses taught by Arcadia faculty using the city as your classroom. This six-week, six-credit version of Arcadia's renowned London program, based at the Arcadia London Center, allows you to enroll in two courses (one per session) and take advantage of all this historic and cultural treasures this amazing world capital has to offer.

London, UK

Spend your summer building your resume and studying abroad. This summer version of Arcadia's flagship internship program in London combines three days per week of work experience with one additional elective. This is an extremely popular Arcadia program, with great reason. You'll gain valuable academic and professional experience that will set you apart in your professional future, while living in one of the world's most incredible cities.

London, UK

Outstanding for the driven business student seeking an international classroom experience and exposure to top professionals and researchers.

Goldsmiths, London

Be part of a creative alternative community with courses taught by renowned, broad-minded faculty. Tucked into New Cross, an area of Southeast London, you will find yourself immersed in a vital arts and music scene, with a diverse and eclectic population enjoying fantastic restaurants and lively cafes.

London, UK

Study a broad range of courses taught on a traditional campus in a trendy neighborhood.

London, UK

St Mary’s University’s reputation for academic excellence is reflected in its broad range of strong course offerings. You’ll learn in a personalized environment and a quiet setting, all while enjoying the energetic attitude of its student body. If you’re looking to strike a balance between urban and rural for your study abroad experience, this may be a good program option for you.

London, UK

UCL’s rigorous coursework means that this program is best if you’re a junior or senior, as you’ll study with highly regarded faculty and researchers in your department of admission. Their tradition of small group teaching means that this is a competitive program; but if admitted, you’ll benefit from the support of a tutor experienced working with visiting students.

Manchester, UK

The University of Manchester’s reputation for academic excellence extends to visiting students, who can take courses in a wide variety of subjects. Its campus blends into the surrounding city, the second-largest metropolitan area outside of London. Manchester is young, vibrant, and diverse, bustling with music, culture, sports— all with a more affordable cost of living compared to London.

Program Reviews

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  • 2 rating 7.69%
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  • Academics 4.1
  • Support 3.8
  • Fun 3.95
  • Housing 4.1
  • Safety 4.45
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Yes, I recommend this program

City, University of London Review - The Best 4 Months of My Life

When I think about a time I was the happiest, I think about studying abroad in London at City University through Arcadia and all of the traveling that I was able to do while I was there. I made friends from across the US and the world as we became like a family abroad. I had an incredible academic experience that not only expanded my knowledge and understanding of the topics I was studying, but also influenced my academic and career path. I left City University of London having learned a great deal and through a different perspective than I would have in the US, which is crucial. City has top-tier International Politics modules and lecturers, with many interesting topics, which played a role in why I chose City to begin with. The Forced Migration module that I completed at City is still my favorite class that I have ever taken and it prompted me to pursue the topic of forced migration even further and more in-depth once I returned to my home school. I thoroughly enjoyed the UK style of teaching and the focus on building students' knowledge base and understanding of the topics being studied. Having my grade rely heavily on two key assessments in an entire semester was daunting at first, but not having constant assignments allowed me to spend more time reading the recommended literature and to truly absorb what I was learning and understand the topics I was studying. I retained what I learned in a way that I often did not with the US style of teaching. Additionally, Arcadia provided incredible support from arrival and orientation until departure from the program. I also knew that they were always a resource for me to reach out to if I ever needed it. I loved that they planned different excursions and meet-ups for us. The Arcadia London staff truly provides a community for students studying abroad in England through Arcadia Abroad. Arcadia also provided our housing just a short walk from campus at the Thoresby House in Islington with the rest of the program participants. We had kitchens fully-stocked with all of the utensils we needed to cook in, laundry machines, bedding provided, and so much more. Thoresby House provided me a tight-knit community while I was overseas and also helped me form lifelong friendships. Another bonus about Thoresby House is that because of its location, there is lots to do, many places to shop and eat, and public transportation readily available nearby. Lastly, I fell in love with being abroad, and with London more specifically, making moving to London at some point a life goal of mine. London has it all: an incredible food scene (including Camden Market and some of the best gluten-free food I have ever had), many green space, lively/unique/robust neighborhoods, amazing public transportation, and so much more. London is also a travel hub, which allowed me to partake in many travel adventures outside of London, as well. It was the most worthwhile experience. From the Arcadia housing (location, format, living with the other Arcadia students, etc.), to the academics at City University of London, to the Arcadia London staff, to all of the experiences I had because of this program, I can say without a doubt that I would choose Arcadia Abroad - City University of London again. I only have positive things to say about the program.

  • Academics
  • London is a travel hub
  • Housing proximity to campus, food, and many things to do
  • Slightly outdated housing
  • Wish I had gone for longer
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Yes, I recommend this program

Travel, travel & more travel

London is the perfect city to go to if you are looking for a home base from which you can explore all of Europe. I traveled to 17 countries in 5 months and loved every second of it. Arcadia also has a great support system in helping everything from the application process until you are ready to leave your program. In addition, Arcadia encourages you to acquaint yourself with the city you chose and thus holds a lot of free events.

What would you improve about this program?
This program could be improved by educating applicants on what the East End of London is like because I was a little surprised.
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No, I don't recommend this program

Queen Mary Review

I was very happy with Arcadia but my time at Queen Mary felt unsuccessful. The staff in the Global Opportunities office were very kind, friendly and easy to talk to. I felt as though there was no connections between students and professors, which is very different from my home institution. Meeting once a week for class made that connection harder to achieve. In addition, I feel as though the staff let me down with the strike and their lack of teaching. I wanted to study abroad to learn about and immerse myself in the London academic culture and I was unable to do that this term. The location of some of my courses were not on the campus where I was living and I was unaware that I would have to travel to a different location. Lastly, I felt as though the housing accommodations were not appropriate. There were a lot of issues with cleanliness of the common spaces and the age difference between us showed that the maturity level is different. We had a lot of issues when it people would be coming over at 3am screaming on a weekday. Also, The facilities staff was unresponsive to when something broke in my roommate's room when she called a few times. I enjoyed my time more abroad and traveling than the study part. I wanted to have a mutual balance between the two.

What would you improve about this program?
I believe that this program could be improved by adding more class time during the week for a shorter amount of time. By seeing the professors more, it will allow a connection to be more easily formed. In addition, There should be housing for study abroad students on campus to match people together of the same age. If changes like this were to happen to create a better environment for the students, I would then be more likely to recommend this program. I would recommend Arcadia as a program, not Queen Mary as of now unfortunately.

https://www.facebook.com/1552064170/videos/10215643563352768/?id=1552064170 Here is the link to a video that I made while studying abroad in London for the Spring 2018 term. I was unable to put it in the video embed section. I think if you copy and paste this link it should work. Feel free to use it to promote studying abroad. Just let me know if you do so I can show other people to hopefully get them to go abroad!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Take advantage of all opportunities given

My experience overall was lots of fun and exciting. I enjoyed Queen Mary University and thought that the classes were not any more difficult than my university in the States and that the assessments were fair. One of the reasons I chose this university over the actual Arcadia campus in London was to be more immersed with and be able to meet more local students rather than just being with Americans and associate students. I was able to meet many local students, mostly through my living arrangement and the clubs I joined. It was lots of fun to meet them because I was able to learn more about British culture firsthand. However, I wish I did meet more associate students because the local students do not want to travel around the country every weekend like we do (since we are leaving in a few months). Therefore, if I were to do it again, I would have participated more in the associate student orientation activities at Queen Mary to be able to have met more associate students, and then would have had a better balance of British and associate student friends.
The opportunities given to me were great - from Arcadia trips and events to activities for associate students at Queen Mary, and I wish I had taken advantage of them better to have been more involved.

What would you improve about this program?
This program was perfect. Arcadia was very organized and had ample amounts of trips, excursions, and opportunities to get involved with the community and other people. The orientation gave lots of great and helpful information and the staff was very friendly and welcoming. The check-ins throughout the semester were necessary and I would definitely recommend an Arcadia trip to anyone!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Love in London

The whole entire experience in London was a dream come true. Being able to take the Tube anywhere I wanted in the city to explore was the best way to get to know the city and the boroughs I enjoyed most. While I'm biased to my home borough of Kensington & Chelsea, places like Covent Garden and Westminster became a couple of my favorite spots to discover new pubs and social scenes.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Fantastic Opportunity

I attended a large University for college, and always craved individual attention, and true academic challenge that could be hard to find. My semester at Oxford provided all that and more. I really grew into my academic interests while working with my professors one-on-one. I even helped to run a research project while I was there. Studying in the libraries was incredibly inspiring, and I'll never forget the feeling of being handed a 2-page reading list each week and being told to read as much as I could. Such a great way to push yourself.

Outside of class, the friends I made are still some of my best. We'd punt on the Thames, go to rowing races, explore the historic bars and coffee shops, and go on day trips whenever we could.

What would you improve about this program?
If you are looking for a cheaper way to study abroad at Oxford, look into their Visiting Student Programme. You can apply directly to the university and save on the program fee. I'd go back and do that if I could.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great school, sub-par program

I loved my time in London and I truly did enjoy the academics and other opportunities at UCL. However, I felt Arcadia promised much and delivered very little. After our orientation period, we were essentially set free in London without much support. Their "additional programming" sold out quickly. While other programs include costs for travel and special opportunities, Arcadia had travel adventures that sold out online in an hour. I would do it all over again but I would have preferred to go through a different program. UCL was academically and socially a blast and I highly recommend it.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Overall Good experience

The program was an overall good experience it could use some work. The teacher I had for photography was great, took us around the city to see different exhibits. Housed well and lived very comfortably. Class was not far from the station as well as housing and they helped teach you how to get around.

What would you improve about this program?
I did not feel fully immersed into the culture. Mostly because all of the students were American also and sometimes we felt lost on where the good places to go out were and not just the tourist things that we had read about. It would help if there were people that lived in the area our age that would have participated in the program or may be have been ambassadors of some sort to help us figure things out rather than just the faculty.
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