Won't Forget Spain

Growth: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

Abbey Road's Cádiz immersion trip gives you unbelievable freedom and puts the opportunity to drastically improve your language skills in your hands. Between the language classes and cultural studies classes, you get the opportunity to walk around the city and find the places you want to go or the things you want to do. My friends and I frequented a café so much in the late afternoon that the waiter started to recognize us. We went surfing, hung around on the beach afterward, then walked the beach walk at night. We talked with some people from Salamanca about travel, then made our way back to our homes to sleep in the classic Spanish fashion (late). The staff was always so helpful and the connections I made I know will last. I can say without a doubt that my Spanish improved after the program, especially more practical applications and colloquialisms. Abbey Road was the perfect summer program for me; for anyone interested in travel, language, and culture, Abbey Road is the right program for you.

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