Abbey Road High School Summer Immersion Program in Cádiz, Spain
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Abbey Road High School Summer Immersion Program in Cádiz, Spain

Travel to Cádiz, Spain during your next summer break from high school with Abbey Road! Jump at the chance to practice your Spanish with locals and immerse yourself in Spain's vibrant culture and lifestyle. Whether they're rising freshmen or graduating seniors, high school students with an intermediate to advanced knowledge of the Spanish language are eligible to attend this homestay program in this ancient southern port city of Cádiz which sits right between Seville and Gibraltar. Here, high school students will not only be perfecting their conversational Spanish, but will have a choice of electives such as Studio Art, Spanish History, Digital Photography, and Community Service, and will be taking weekly excursions such as Sevilla, Cordoba, Tarifa, Gibraltar, Conil, Jerez, Los Toruños, and El Puerto to name a few. Visit Abbey Road’s site to learn more about Cádiz, and their other high school summer abroad programs!

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Program Reviews (6)

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28 years old
Kingston University

Cadiz was AWESOME!


The evening activities, trips to Bolonia and Gibraltar, group dinners, beach sports and the liberty we had in the city were great! The balance between activities and down time was just right, as I improved my Spanish skills a lot and also had time to explore the city. Staying with my host family was a pleasure. They were so nice and caring that my host mom taught me how to cook some Spanish delicious meals.

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17 years old
United States

I love Spain as much as I love the program!


I went to the Cadiz, Spain program last summer and I loved it. I learned so much in the classes as we went really in depth into grammar and speaking exercises. On the first day of classes we took a placement test to determine our level of comprehension in Spanish and from there we were separated into two groups. We did lots of activities in the city where we talked to locals, visited markets, and had scavenger hunts. I also took photography as my minor class which I highly recommend. I just used my iPhone as my camera and that was perfect. The teacher was so amazing and was really knowledgeable about photography and about the history of the city.

The staff were very fun and close to us. They spoke Spanish to us unless absolutely necessary and I believe that was a prominent cause for how much my Spanish improved.

My family was also amazing. I had a mother and a father and they were wonderful. They loved to talk to us about our day and our lives. They owned a small farm from which they were always bringing home fresh fruits and vegetables. They cooked all the meals from scratch and they were amazing. I was 16 turning 17 when I went.

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19 years old
San Mateo, California

Won't Forget Spain


Abbey Road's Cádiz immersion trip gives you unbelievable freedom and puts the opportunity to drastically improve your language skills in your hands. Between the language classes and cultural studies classes, you get the opportunity to walk around the city and find the places you want to go or the things you want to do. My friends and I frequented a café so much in the late afternoon that the waiter started to recognize us. We went surfing, hung around on the beach afterward, then walked the beach walk at night. We talked with some people from Salamanca about travel, then made our way back to our homes to sleep in the classic Spanish fashion (late). The staff was always so helpful and the connections I made I know will last. I can say without a doubt that my Spanish improved after the program, especially more practical applications and colloquialisms. Abbey Road was the perfect summer program for me; for anyone interested in travel, language, and culture, Abbey Road is the right program for you.

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19 years old
New York

This was my first time participating in a study abroad program


This was my first time participating in a study abroad program. I had heard about ten tours before. I chose the study abroad program with Abbey Road to help improve my Spanish.
The teachers were great! They really encouraged us to speak more Spanish and helped us to understand more. We actually get out of the classroom and talk to local people and learn Spanish through living in the city and interacting with native Spanish speakers.
Living in the residence in Barcelona was similar to college life. We did cooking, which was really fun. Learning to cook new recipes and trying new foods was a completely new experience. My favorite was tortilla.
By the end of the program I really learned a lot about how to manage for myself, meet new people and be more confident.

Default avatar
19 years old
San Jose, CA

The Abbey Road Program in Cadiz has been one of the best summers of my life.


It was truly a life changing experience. Abbey Road made this experience so personal, I felt I was there with my family and friends. The homestay family was so nice to me and kept offering me different foods to taste and sharing their Spanish culture with me. I improved my Spanish. I learned some local Spanish expressions that I never knew from the US.

One of my favorite beaches was La Caleta, because it was in between castles. It was so amazing to sunbathe and look up in see castles.
Our Spanish classes were taught in an interactive fun way so I actually enjoyed practicing my Spanish with local vendors and teenagers, something I never get to do back home. My host mother whom I called Senora, taught me to prepare delicious tapas that I shared with my family when I returned home to the US.

Thank you Abbey Road for the most amazing time!

Default avatar
24 years old
New York, NY
University of Georgia

Great Experience!


I attended the Abbey Road program in Spain the summer before my senior year. It was easily one of the most impactful and transformative experiences I have had. Not only did I make friends that I still keep in touch with, (almost 7 years later!) it helped me focus my studies once in college. I graduated with a double major in Spanish and part of what kept my going in my studies was the experience I had with Abbey Road. Seeing the importance of being bilingual and various cultures I could experience propelled me to complete more than the minimum language requirements while in college. Additionally, my plan after graduation was to move to Spain and teach English. Although this didn't work out because of the economy issues, Abbey Road opened my eyes to alternative careers after graduation.

Abbey Road was always extremely well-organized and perfectly balanced "fun time" with studies. I always felt safe and taken care of and truly experienced the Spanish culture. I would recommend Abbey Road whole heartedly to any high school student who wants to travel, learn about other cultures, and make great friends.

How can this program be improved?

I would have preferred to spend more time in Sevilla and less time in Córdoba or Granada.

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Abbey Road Programs provides several summer programs for high school students. From study abroad, to language and cultural immersion, to student travel around Europe, Abbey Road is proud to offer it! With program locations currently in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada and the