Canadian Connection is a good connection to have

Benefits: 8
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Facilities: 9
Safety: 8

I only applied with Canadian Connection so I can't make any comparisons between companies, but they were great during the application process. They emailed me promptly, set up interviews within the times that were given to me, and organized all my documents and sent them to Korea. There is no way I would have survived that documentation experience on my own. I had a little bit of a surprise when I applied to Seoul and ended up in Gangwon-do province (which apparently is pretty common, seeing as all my friends applied to other places, too). BUT, I think it's a blessing in disguise that I was placed here because, although I'm in the middle of nowhere (LITERALLY), I live in a building with two other foreigners, my school is amazing, my co teacher is EPIC and the students are brilliant and adorable. My apartment looks onto the mountain and fields and if I want, I could be in Seoul within 2 hours of a bus ride. Overall, the experience has been wonderful and I would highly recommend Canadian Connection to start off this amazing journey.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would