Uganda - challenging and amazing!

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Our experience in Masaka, Uganda was both challenging and amazing. I traveled with a group of college students over spring break for 3 years. I am confident in saying that every student came home energized and motivated. Each student stayed with a local family and each day, we worked with the local community on community-identified needs, such as building energy efficient stoves, planting trees, building water harvesting tanks, and building tippy-taps (hygiene stations). The value of the trip was in being exposed to a new culture, working together with the local community, and making a difference.

As a partner, I can't say enough nice things about FSD. They were VERY organized, had a strong staff presence in the local community, were responsive to questions and concerns, had a positive attitude, and most importantly, were clearly committed to the work of social change.

I read the poor review on here and it seemed like a completely different program than we experienced. I know some people might shy away from an experience in a culture and location so removed from their usual life, but the potential for personal growth in Uganda is amazing. I would recommend this experience to anyone!

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