One Life Changing Trip

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My study abroad experience was the best four months of my life and changed my future for the better! I traveled to Barcelona, Spain with the International Studies Abroad program for the fall semester of my junior year. Barcelona is an exciting, diverse, and welcoming city that steals a part of your heart. I made some of my best friends during this program and now have a second mother in Spain who was my home stay mom. The International Studies Abroad (ISA) program took us on a variety of weekend trips that were included in the program. This allowed me to see other parts of Spain that I wouldn’t have thought to travel to on my own. My favorite of these trips was to Valencia where we spent the day in awe at the beautiful architecture unique to the city. Studying abroad is an original experience that will be exciting and unique to all who embark. I ended up traveling to 14 different countries during my time in Europe and was exposed to gorgeous scenery, varying cultures, and remarkable people. I highly encourage everyone to study abroad because you will be left with the best memories and will have learned more than you ever could in your home classroom. International Studies Abroad changed my life and I plan on returning to Europe in the fall to pursue a Master’s program. The only regret I have about my study abroad experience is not staying longer!! Best of luck fellow travelers!

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