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• Comprehensive Advising and Support
• Tuition at the Host University
• Official Transcript from Host University with ISA Cover Letter
• Housing
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• Bridging Cultures Program
• Full-Time Resident Staff
• On-Site ISA Offices
• Computer and Internet Access
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• The ISA Discovery Model
• Cultural Activities
• Medical Insurance
• Comprehensive Health, Safety and Security Support
• Airport Reception
• Visa Support
• Tutoring
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Oct 07, 2022
Nov 24, 2018
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About Program

International Studies Abroad (ISA) offers this exciting program in Barcelona, Spain. With four different schools to choose from, ISA makes it easy to find the perfect fit for you. Study at the Pompeu Fabra University, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, or Menéndez Pelayo International University-Barcelona.

Barcelona is a large city (pop 1.5 million) in the northeastern corner of Spain with history dating back 2,500 years. The gothic architecture clashes with the modern city, making this eccentric destination like few others in the world. Check out ISA's extensive website to find out every detail you need to make the right decision!

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Located in the heart of the city, the Universidad Pompeu Fabra sits next to the beautiful Ciutadella Park and only blocks from the Barceloneta beach. The UPF offers a variety of courses including Cultural/Area Studies with international students in both English and Spanish, and Business courses during the Spring and Fall semesters.


The Universidad de Barcelona, located in the very center of the city, is the oldest university in the city and is housed in a beautiful, historic building. Courses offered through this program are perfect for students majoring in Spanish or trying to finish a Spanish minor, but there are also several courses taught in English. The Universidad de Barcelona is fully accredited and recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura, y Deporte).


CETT is an extension of the Universidad de Barcelona dedicated to tourism, gastronomy, and hospitality management. You will be taking courses with both international and local students and will be able to take classes in either English or Spanish. This campus is located about 25 minutes by public transportation from the city center. The Universidad de Barcelona is fully accredited and recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport.


Although the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona’s primary campus is outside of the city, you will be attending classes at the Sant Pau campus, which is near the Sagrada Familia. It is centrally located in Barcelona and are easily accessible by public transportation. You will be studying with other international students and will be able to choose from a wide variety of courses in Cultural Studies, Business, Economics, Art History, and International Relations, most of which are taught in English.


The UIMP, whose central campus is in Santander, offers numerous post-graduate seminars in various fields as well as courses in Spanish as a Second Language at various satellite campuses throughout Spain. The language courses in Barcelona are held at the UIMP’s academic center which is just a short walk from the ISA office. The UIMP’s courses are only offered in the Summer and range from beginner-level language courses to advanced-level content courses taught in Spanish.


Elisava is the design school of Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya. You will be studying different design disciplines on a small design-focused campus with state of the art facilities located just off Las Ramblas, in the heart of Barcelona, where all of the other students share the same focus. The Universidad de Vic is fully accredited and recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura, y Deporte)


ISA Scholarships

ISA by WorldStrides Diversity Scholarship

This scholarship is offered for summer and semester programs and is intended for students with identities historically underserved in education abroad. This can include, but is not limited to, individuals who identify as African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian American, Alaskan Native, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, LGBTQIA+, First-Generation College Students, U.S. Military Veterans, students with disabilities, and/or students at Minority-Serving Institutions.

$2,500 - $5,000

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Yes, I recommend this program

ISA, scheduling and itinerary is somewhat disappointing.

So this is my second trip with ISA. 2 years ago, I went to Costa Rica with them. During my first trip with them, I didn't get my schedule or class times or excursion dates until a few days after we arrived in Costa Rica, making it hard to plan outside activities. We also didn't have a set time to be picked up from our flight, and details weren't sent out until about 3-4 weeks BEFORE classes started, leaving little to no time to book an affordable plane ticket. I asked about these issues I experienced the first time, and was told that any issues would be hammered out after a bit. 2 years later, I am running into the exact same problem. I am spending 14,000 dollars for 3 MONTHS in Spain, and ISA has been unable to provide me with when my Spanish class will be held, again, making it extremely hard to plan outside excursions. We were also scheduled to take a trip to Morocco, and that was something I was really excited about. It was only until I called the actual ISA office that I found there was not enough time to embark on that trip, and they were "planning on telling us" in about a week, aka about a month from the time we are expected to land in Spain. My program in Costa Rica was awesome, and I'm sure I will enjoy Barcelona, but if scheduling issues are a deal breaker for you, definitely don't enroll in this program. It's also extremely expensive, as my short 3 month semester costs just as much as a 6 month program in the same region.

What would you improve about this program?
Get your scheduling together and make sure you communicate issues or excursion cancellations as soon as you know about them. We need less than just one month to book a flight that will ensure your providers meeting us, understanding where we will be in regards to host living, etc. Important information is not distributed early enough in the program.
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Trip of a Lifetime

The staff at ISA was incredible. Every program says their staff will be there for you, but will they really? About two months into my program I came down with a fever. It wasn't a big deal and my host mom took me to the doctor immediately. Three days later, ISA staff called me and asked me how I was doing, if my asthma was effected, and if I needed any further help or treatment. I didn't even tell them I was sick, and never had any asthma issues. Yet they knew, and were kind enough to reach out to me before I may have needed help instead of waiting until after I had a problem.

They checked in one more time a few days later and this showed me that they really do care for their students and are there to support them.

What would you improve about this program?
This program offered a spring break trip to Morocco, but you had to sign up for the trip before the semester started. At this point in time, you haven't met anybody from your program and are not aware of what our future friends would want to do. I would suggest giving the students to weeks or so to make friends and then have the deadline to sign up for this trip.
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Yes, I recommend this program

One Life Changing Trip

My study abroad experience was the best four months of my life and changed my future for the better! I traveled to Barcelona, Spain with the International Studies Abroad program for the fall semester of my junior year. Barcelona is an exciting, diverse, and welcoming city that steals a part of your heart. I made some of my best friends during this program and now have a second mother in Spain who was my home stay mom. The International Studies Abroad (ISA) program took us on a variety of weekend trips that were included in the program. This allowed me to see other parts of Spain that I wouldn’t have thought to travel to on my own. My favorite of these trips was to Valencia where we spent the day in awe at the beautiful architecture unique to the city. Studying abroad is an original experience that will be exciting and unique to all who embark. I ended up traveling to 14 different countries during my time in Europe and was exposed to gorgeous scenery, varying cultures, and remarkable people. I highly encourage everyone to study abroad because you will be left with the best memories and will have learned more than you ever could in your home classroom. International Studies Abroad changed my life and I plan on returning to Europe in the fall to pursue a Master’s program. The only regret I have about my study abroad experience is not staying longer!! Best of luck fellow travelers!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Spring Study Abroad in Barcelona

My abroad experience was amazing. I would advise every student to study abroad during their college years. Experiencing other people’s culture and living among those who are so different from yourself is life changing. I studied abroad in Barcelona for a semester with five other girls who go to my university. My abroad experience would not have been the same if I did not go through International Studies Abroad. ISA was extremely accommodating every step of the way. Their staff was always there for each student and ready to help in any situation. ISA made me feel safe and like I would be taken care of no matter what.
ISA was very well-organized from beginning to end of my trip. They picked us up from the airport and made sure we knew where our housing was from the start. ISA also provided us with various guides on places to go in Barcelona including eateries, museums, and local spots.
Not only would I recommend to study abroad through ISA, I would also urge students to study in Barcelona. The city never became boring once. Barcelona will always be my favorite city and I cannot wait to return.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Summer 2014 in Barcelona

I had a life-changing experience on the Summer 4 Barcelona program. I traveled with 4 other girls from my university and stayed in an apartment. Although I did not get the full immersion experience by living in an apartment, I had a great experience. The apartment was well-equipped, clean, and in an upbeat neighborhood in Barcelona. The program offered various weekend excursions including cava (champagne tasting) and a trip to the South of France. They made sure that the excursions were fun and interesting for college-aged students. One of my favorite parts about the program was the university and my profesora. Our teacher, Maria, was hilarious and always kept us entertained. I loved that we took classes at an actual university-- I know some programs offer courses in hotel conference rooms. I thought it was really great to experience the college life for a typical Spanish student.

Overall, I thought ISA was very organized and helpful. Their staff had a lot of advice and was easy to get into contact with. I had some family problems while abroad and the staff was more than generous throughout the process. The only thing I regret about studying abroad was that I should have gone longer! The month-long program goes by really quickly because you are so busy trying to see everything you can. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to go abroad but is unable to during the school year.

What would you improve about this program?
It would have been nice if our apartment was located closer to campus.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Barcelona is Everything.

The school in ISA was absolutely the best. I learned more in this semester then I had all of college previously. The teachers are a very diverse group who really care about their students. They don't boggle you down with homework and busy work but instead actually teach you. Global management with Jean Philiipe was my favorite class I have ever taken.

Program Administration in Spain
The ISA staff is amazing and will help you with anything you need. Whether its tutoring in your classes or helping you plan your next trip. They have a group of extremely dedicated members.

I can not say enough wonderful things about my homestay. It was in the heart of Barcelona and had the best views. My abuelo was the sweetest lady ever and probably the thing I miss the most about spain. The food she made was to die for.

Social Integration
ISA sets up weekly tours where they take you round to different regions in Spain. They also send out a weekly letter with their favorite restaurants, bars, and activities in Barcelona. There is also a intercombio option where you can learn to speak better spanish with a native spaniard.

I actually got sick in Morooco when I visited and the staff in Barcelona were very helpful. They went with me to the doctors and made the process a lot less daunting. This program provides health insurance for you so you do not have to worry about medical expenses. I had to get a couple of vaccinations before I went. Spain however doesn't have any major health concerns that are different then the U.S.

Overall this was an absolutely incredible experience and ISA was defiantly the best program to go with. You will not regret this decision.

What would you improve about this program?
Better preparation of students before the Morocco trip.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Semester in Barcelona

Upon returning from my trip abroad I had one thought on my mind. Wow, I wish I could've studied abroad for a year. Studying in Barcelona, Spain through ISA was truly the best decision I've ever made in my life. The ISA staff was more than supportive and addressed any of your needs immediately. They were even as kind to drop off a coffee machine and mugs when we mentioned (in passing) that we missed having a coffee machine.

Barcelona is without a doubt the best city to travel to. It is modern enough that you do not feel overwhelmed with culture shock. Yet it is historic enough to engulf yourself in culture and art.

ISA made a very daunting and at first intimidating process, exciting and fun. I would highly recommend traveling with ISA.

What would you improve about this program?
I virtually have no complaints about ISA. If I had to improve one thing it would be to have longer excursions. When we traveled to Valencia, Spain, it was hard to fit in everything in two days.
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Yes, I recommend this program

ISA Barcelona!

Studying abroad was the best experience of my life! ISA set me up with an amazing house mom, planned fun excursions, and was super involved but still encouraged independence with the students from all over the states! I would definitely suggest going for a semester or more and wish I could go again! ISA was the best value and had the best staff!

What would you improve about this program?
Maybe if ISA pushed the Veritas program more. I didn't know it existed but would have liked it! Its a christian program.
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